2010 Mapema Malbec

Mendoza, Argentina; 13.9% ABV
$8 at the Richmond, CA, store on 20 Dec

2010_Mapema_MalbecThis wine cost a little more than I would have previously considered paying for an Argentinian Malbec at the GO, but the bottle and front label were very nice.  The back label, though, just talked about how great the people are who made the wine, which is a negative in my list of heuristics.  The wine inside turned out to be not outstanding, but still very good and interesting to me.

I thought it needed about 75 minutes of air in a decanter, and continued to improve for another 45 minutes or so.  The start of a taste was very soft, smooth, and elegant, full-bodied and not quite jammy, with typical Malbec flavors of mulberry, boysenberry, violets / red roses, tangy red cherry, smoke and earth. The finish was not quite as smooth, being I thought a little sulfurous.  It’s a more refined Argentinian Malbec than I’ve had before and was very tasty.  Still, I could understand if, instead of this refined example, you’d choose the juicy exuberance of the 2011 Raza for $3 less.


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