Wish You Were Here Pinot Noir

France; 12.3% ABV
$5 at the Oakland, CA, store on 10 Jan

WYWH_PinotNoirThe name and label put me off, the the wine through the bottle had a nice, light red color, so I picked it up on the small chance that it might be a good find.  The small chance didn’t pan out.

It’s okay if you like a Pinot in the lighter style, as I do, but the flavors are a little strange.  There’s ripe red cherry and, as the back label says, raspberries, but with a slight artificial candy aspect that I dislike, and a small amount of orange peel and herbal bitterness in the finish.  It’s tasty from first pour, but airs out over 1:40 to 2 hours to become darker, riper, and more integrated.  I guess it’s Drinkable wine, but I didn’t find it very satisfying Pinot Noir.


One thought on “Wish You Were Here Pinot Noir

  1. lim13

    You definitely took one for the team with this one, BW. I saw this in the Silverdale, WA store yesterday…looked over the label more closely and slid it back onto the shelf. The label and name are just way too tacky for me. Your review makes me feel completely happy about the decision I made. Sorry it didn’t work out better for you.


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