2007 River Bluff Cellars Petite Sirah

Lodi, CA; 13.8% ABV
$5 at the Richmond, CA, store on 6 Jan

RiverBluffCellars_2007_PSirahThis wine has been around GOs for a while.  For example, Expat commented last June:

Davis 2007 Petite Sirah (River Bluff winery) – poured dark but not like ink, as some Petite Syrahs do. Predominant flavor and nose was a clean, tart blackberry. The wine softened with about an hour of air. Tannins were modest, not rigid and drying like some of my favorite petite syrahs. Went great with some havarti cheese. Overall it was enjoyable with a fair amount of character. I appreciated the sub 14% alcohol level and somewhat restrained fruit. For my palate I would have liked sturdier tannins and a little more old world style but it was a solid bottle. And for $5 you can’t beat it.

I picked it up only recently with my renewed interest in Petite Sirah.  I agree the wine was tasty right away, but became darker, more accessible, complex and even modestly elegant (something I would not have expected to say about a Petite Sirah) after an hour or so of air.  Then I thought it was a fully mature wine tasting of redder blackberry jam, boysenberry / raspberry acid, prune / chocolate, and rusty earth / cinnamon.  Its full, smooth texture and ripe flavors went well with black bean and beef stew, but it could probably also pair with something more refined.  The only bad thing I can say is that it now seems to be slightly over the hill, with a small hint of vinegar.  That makes this a wine to drink soon and probably one to finish the whole bottle of in one evening, as we happily did.


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