2011 Cline Big Break Zinfandel

Contra Costa County, CA
16.0% acl.
$12 at Seattle, WA (purchased 1/14/14)

20140116_195352_resized (2)I haven’t had many Cline wines since the family sold the winery several years back. I always did like their designated Zins like Live Oak and Bridgehead when I could find them on sale. Per the website, this Big Break retails for $32. I almost didn’t buy it because of the 16% alcohol, but one more for old times sake.

Nice solid bottle with a punt and quality cork. A rich nose of deep dark berry, cocoa, clove, cardamom, eucalyptus, and a little olive. The first sip tasted just like it smelled. The dark berry became blackberry, dark cherry, and a touch of prune. I really liked the olive overtones and asian spice. I was also surprised by the balance in such a high alcohol wine, it really carried well with a nice port like character. Thumbs up for me although for GO I would have liked to see the price a couple bucks lower. My experience with this type of high alcohol wine with rich fruit is to enjoy it now because as they age the fruit fades and the prune becomes too dominant.


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