Château Grand Corbier 2012 Minervois

Minervois, France; imported by A W Direct; what % ABV
$6 at the Oakland, CA, store on 10 Jan

2012_ChGrandCorbier_MinervoisI didn’t like the 2010 bottling of this wine, and this one has been around at least since the November sale last year.  However, interesting offerings had been a little slow in the new year, and I seem to recall someone recommending this to me.  Whoever it might have been, he or she was right.  This is decent wine for the money.

After about 1 to 1.5 hours of air in a half-empty bottle, it shows intense dark purple / black fruit of black cherry, blackberry, dark aromatic spice (perhaps some licorice) and black earth, in a medium body, with a lightly tannic finish.

The second half bottle, stored in a 375ml bottle with a stopper and very little air, was smoother and lighter purple, with flavors of tangy black and red cherries, dark mulberry, and aromatic spice that is not quite so blackened.  Although it’s not a “must have,” it’s still pretty good for the price, especially if you share my taste for southern French wines.  (I’m guessing by the flavors that this is made from mostly Grenache and Syrah.)


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