2011 tarrica Zinfandel

Paso Robles, CA; 13.5% ABV
$5 at the Richmond, CA, store on 15 Jan.  Also at Berkeley the same day.

2011_tarrica_ZinThis wine immediately shows soft raspberry jam with a slightly herbal mustiness, and reasonable acid of lighter red raspberry.  Over time, it darkens toward lighter blackberry, but the mustiness remains.  I found this wine basically tasty but boringly simple, made to be agreeable rather than expressive.  However, it is pretty easy to pair with food.

Also, on 11 Jan, commenter Seedboy opined favorably: “This wine appeared about a week ago and is already sold out in Berkeley but Richmond and Oakland had it Jan 10. This is made by a real winery. It is not a jammy wine and sports 13.5% alcohol. This is a nicely balanced zin with good fruit and would be great with food or without.”  I guess I’d agree it’s not jammy in the sense that it is not super-ripe and heavy, but to me it tastes like jam.  So… see for yourself if you like it!  (and let us know  🙂 )


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