2011 Giormani Valpolicella Ripasso, Verona, Italy $8.99

Seattle/4th Avenue, WA    14% alc.    (Purchased on 1/18/14)

IMG_139450% Corvina 30% Corvinone 20% Rondinella    Mostly clear, but very dark purple/garnet.  Smoky, earthy, concentrated dried cherry nose.  In the mouth, a burst of tart acidity hits the front of the tongue then an almost salty, sweet sensation fills your mouth.  I’m a bit amazed at how much fresh ripe cherry fruit there is in the flavors.  I’m used to Ripassos that are less fruit forward and show more dried cherry and leather.  I’m also getting the cassis and licorice that reader flitcraft found.  The firm tannins are most evident in the long finish.  This is a more accessible, fruit-forward rendition that is really quite delicious.  I suspect it will age for many years as it’s very well-balanced and very much in it’s youth.  An excellent buy for under ten bucks!

Here’s some information for our readers who may not be familiar with Valpolicella and/or the ripasso method of production (described further down in the link).

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31 years in mid-management in the retail liquor and wine industry; retired since 2005. Long-time wine collector, wine educator, and in the past, a wine writer, who also enjoys playing guitar and singing, clogging, and cooking. Volunteer with the local Humane Society and Cancer Society.

15 thoughts on “2011 Giormani Valpolicella Ripasso, Verona, Italy $8.99

  1. KathinOregon

    Hi! I have been a long time lurker here. Love the write ups, nicely done and I appreciate we all have different palates some in alignment with mine and others not. That is what makes wine/world go round!
    I am guessing I am a bit is late & likely missed the boat, but has anyone seen the Giormani Ripasso in Oregon GOs? Thank you.

  2. PW

    We tried this tonight. It’s a first for us. Reminded me of a cab, only less body. It was nice. I seem to prefer the heavier body wines so I don’t know I’d repeat it but I enjoyed the experience.

    1. lim13 Post author

      It’s good you gave it a try, PW. Next step may be an Amarone…similar, but more full-bodied…and something you should try at least once. Many feel it’s an acquired taste. I’ve hardly ever seen them at GO and full retail can be a bit pricey.

    2. JoelA

      I really like it! But i needs a little time open. On first opening the wine was a bit harsh but after it had been open for 2 days the fruit was just right, the body had gotten firmer and the harshness was gone.,

      1. JoelA

        I meant to say “IT” needs a little time open, but maybe I need a little time open too, to get rid of the harshness.

  3. lim13 Post author

    Still about 3-4 cases of this at the 4th Ave./Seattle store today, 1/30/14…right inside the front door.

  4. BargainWhine

    I opened my bottle tonight and agree it’s delicious! I would add a kirsch or liqueur-like character at times, but that’s it.

    1. mereimage

      lim13 agree with your description of the wine. I mentioned in an earlier comment elsewhere I loved this wine and have since gone back and purchased a few more bottles. For me one of the best purchases at GO in the 8-10 buck range but would not complain if it was $5-$7!

      1. lim13 Post author

        Funny, mereimage…because about an hour ago I tracked down earlier comments about this wine and found yours…saying you were heading back for more. And I’m with you on the price, though Ripassos are generally not cheap.

  5. weinish

    Had some last night. Not bad at all. Not sure if I’d continue to pay $9 for it, but your description is quite accurate.

    As I said, if I paid $10 for a glass of this in a restaurant I wouldn’t be at all upset.

    1. lim13 Post author

      If it hangs around long enough…and is in somewhat larger quantities, it may just drop in price. But I suspect it likely won’t last very long.

        1. BargainWhine

          Based on how well the Capitel della Crosara VR sold, the positive review and comments here may ensure it stays around long enough to get discounted. 🙂


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