Magnificent Wine Co. 2007 “Originals” Cabernet Sauvignon

Columbia Valley, WA; 13.7% ABV
$5 at the San Leandro, CA, store on 2 Feb

2007_MagWineCo_CABI thought I’d try this wine with a striking label, in a heavy bottle, from a good year.  The San Leandro store also had the 2008 Syrah and maybe a Pinot Noir (if so, likely this one Lim13 reviewed 1.5 years ago).  I think the CAB is pretty tasty for the price.

It was lean, light red and on the tart side upon opening, with a rather rough finish.  It started smoothing out after being open for about an hour (I had poured out a single glass screw cap bottle for another night.) and was fully aired after about 90 minutes.  Then it showed nicely complex fruit of blackberry, blueberry, dark and lighter red cherry, with a little dark spice and oak, in a medium body.  It didn’t seem too old, but don’t wait to drink it, either.

Notes from the producer’s web site: currant, blueberry, vanilla, nutmeg and white pepper aromas…  A rounded juicy palate of rich raspberry and vanilla guide the way to soft fruit development on the finish.

Update: the wine in the saved single-glass bottle was redder and less complex than the first night’s wine, but still pretty tasty.


3 thoughts on “Magnificent Wine Co. 2007 “Originals” Cabernet Sauvignon

  1. Ashlander

    Thanks for the review. If I see it, I will pick it up. In general, if GO has a Magnificent Wine Co wine available, it is usually a decent wine at a good price. Their “House” red was one of my favorite everyday wines.

  2. jwc

    Thanks BW, will be on the lookout, hope to see in Ptown. A lot of wine for the money, from the eclectic, (Sammy Hagar twin/look a like) Charles Smith.


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