2013 Midsummer Cellars Grenache Rosé

12% Viognier; 13.8% ABV; screw cap
Yolo County, CA
$5 at the Berkeley, CA, store on 18 Feb

2013_MidsummerCel_GrenacheRoseI had modest expectations for this wine, but its pretty color (a slightly coppery pale pink), the back label’s promise that the wine was totally dry, and the very recent vintage, convinced me to try it.  The wine far exceeds my expectations.

While the fruit is a little fresher and, well, fruitier, than Grenache rosés from southern France, it is indeed very dry and, although different, it is not an embarrassment to those inspirations.  The Viognier in particular adds some honeysuckle and probably the almond bitterness, while the Grenache gives its usual orange roses, less ripe strawberry and quince jelly.  I found the blend of flavors a little disjointed at first, but a small amount of air allowed them to meld very nicely.  It is nicely flavored but still delicate enough that I suspect weinish would like it.  Tonight it went very well with snapper pan-fried with a coating of minced curried preserved lemon and green olives stuffed with garlic.  Big Thumbs Up from me.


8 thoughts on “2013 Midsummer Cellars Grenache Rosé

  1. BargainWhine Post author

    Others have noted this wine has shown up again recently. I got a bottle because I couldn’t remember which vintages I had had earlier, and I opened it this sunny, warm, winter (officially, for another week) afternoon. It seemed to me that it needed longer to air than I remembered, maybe 45 minutes this time, and I did notice the bitter finish weinish mentioned more than I did last time (not drinking it with food now), but I still think it’s quite lovely.

  2. BargainWhine Post author

    Although we’ve complained about the lack of new wines of late, I actually rather enjoyed my last shopping trip, being able to deliberate over old favorites instead of over which untested wines appeared the most promising. One of the wines I picked out at the Richmond store was this one. It’s still quite delicious!

      1. BargainWhine Post author

        Hi Seedboy. My bottle tonight was the 2012. Thanks for pointing out the difference! Now you have me thinking the 2012 was a little less intense and complex than the 2013, but the memory grows dim, and I was still pretty happy with the 2012.

  3. weinish

    It’s pretty good. Definitely dry. “Steely.” It’s better cold. Once it warms a bit you can taste a bitter finish. That said we didn’t have it with food. Clearly this producer missed the mark because the 2011 received rave reviews.

    It’s a pretty good purchase for the price.

    Oakland has a lot.

    1. BargainWhine Post author

      Hi weinish! I’m glad to hear you did like it, although this is another one where I like it less cold so it’s less steely, I feel I can taste the Viognier more, and so I can taste that bitter finish. I hadn’t looked up reviews, but now that I did, I see you’re right about the 2011 bottling getting rave reviews. From the notes people posted, the 2013 does seem less spiced and complex. OTOH, the 2011 was supposedly around $25.

  4. Russ Winton

    A 2013 Grenache Rose for $5? I’m all over that…I hope the Modesto or Merced GOs have it….sounds like a good Easter wine with ham…yumm


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