2010 Columbia Winery Malbec

Columbia Valley, WA; 13.5% ABV
$5 at the Oakland, CA, store on 24 Feb

2010_ColumbiaWnry_MalbecThe Columbia Winery 2007 Red Willow Cabernet and 2008 Syrah were interesting enough that I wanted to try this Malbec as well.  This wine is also interesting, but, like the others, I wouldn’t recommend it to everyone.

I first poured out a single-glass screw cap bottle for another night.  The rest of the wine in the bottle needed about 70 minutes to air, showing ripe flavors of redder and blacker blackberry and red cherry, balancing acid of these fruits, some sap (bay leaf?), a little clove, and a finish of somewhat coarse wood and drying tannin.  It’s pretty tasty, but like the other CW wines of late, it’s restrained and structured, and much more US-West-Coast in flavors and style than the more exuberantly fruity and tangy Argentinian Malbecs I’ve tasted.  I would put it at the lower end of Thumbs Up.

The saved single-glass bottle was a little redder and a little smoother than the wine on the first night, but was otherwise much the same.


6 thoughts on “2010 Columbia Winery Malbec

  1. Counselor

    A local wine shop I frequent had this wine for $10 a bottle and my friend and I thought it was a good deal at that price. Van, WA store has it for $6 a bottle!

  2. Expat

    Agreed. I liked its depth and restrained fruit. It has some interesting nuances (violet?). Not spectacular but an overall profile I like and a good bang for the buck.

    1. bin5

      I am sipping on this tonight and really like it. You are right on Expat with you comments. Malbec is a sleeper grape in Washington. Not a lot of it, but it seems to do very well.


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