2011 Ironstone Cabernet Franc

Lodi, CA
13.5% alc.
$5 at Bellevue, WA (purchased 3/1/14)

20140306_183254_resized (2)I’ve had some Ironstone wines in the long past and remember them to be good value wines. I would put this wine in that same category.

Clean garnet in color. Red fruity smell with a good dollop of vanilla. Cranberry, cherry, and vanilla. Simple structure but balanced between the medium tannins and acid. The fruit got a bit deeper into blueberry with air. Overall an easy quaff and a decent buy for five bucks. Not something I need to go buy more of so I give it a drinkable. Retail seems to be ten bucks.


3 thoughts on “2011 Ironstone Cabernet Franc

  1. Mike

    Someday try the reserve version of Ironstone’s cab franc. From 2300 feet up in the hills, whereas this is from near sea level. It’s usually excellent to eyebrow raising good. I also liked this bottling. For $5 it’s solid. And it gets better with air.

    1. bin5 Post author

      Hi Mike – Yes this wine did get better with air and the next day I was getting some mint and deeper fruit. Definitely a good buy and would be curious why they sold this to GO. The website still has 2010 for sale. I don’t see much Ironstone around my neck of the woods.

      1. Mike

        Safeway is having their WA wine month pricing in WA. If you like buttery, caramel, lemon-lime, solidly made chardonnay, the 2012 Snoqualmie chardonnay is pretty damn good for it’s current $4.92. It’s always a good buy, but 2012 is proving to be a tremendous vintage for our state and this bottle is a winner. I poured it last night and got a lot of compliments.


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