NV Hacienda California Brut Sparkling Wine $5.99

Portland/Hollywood    12% alc.    (purchased on 3/1/14)

IMG_1425Tasted this at the in-store tasting while visiting Portland and liked it enough to bring a few home.  This link says the Hacienda label is now part of the Bronco Wine Company portfolio and their description is pretty much in line with what I found.  I remember enjoying the Chardonnays from Hacienda in the 80’s when it was located in Sonoma.  Back label says Hacienda’s production is now located in Ceres, just south of Modesto (home to Gallo).

Because there is no vintage date, can’t tell from the bottle if this is the 100% Chardonnay or a blend with Colombard and other white varieties (I found info on both types online).  I don’t believe there’s any way this could be 100% Chardonnay…it’s just too fruity.  Brilliant pale straw color; tons of bubbles stream up from the bottom of the glass.  Just slight yeasty doughiness in the nose, but more sweet fruit aromas of pear and apple.  Label says Brut, but it tastes sweeter than most, though really just off-dry.  Excellent lemony acidity.  Has great texture and mouthfeel, with flavors of more pear and apple.

I’ve gotta’ believe this is a blend of Chardonnay with Columbard and perhaps some other fruitier white varieties.  This bubbly hardly pretends to be Champagne-like.  It’s a very tasty, very fruity old California style sparkler that would be great for summer sipping, weddings, parties and mimosas for brunch.


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