2012 Maffick Dry Moscato, Mendoza, Argentina $4.99

Silverdale, WA    13.5% alc.    (Purchased on 3/7/14)

IMG_1429A little more than a week ago I got an email from my local GO announcing that this wine was in and that it was a dry Moscato.  I’ve had dry Muscats, but I’ve never seen them referred to as dry Moscato.  Moscato usually means sweet and Italian to me.  And I’m a lover of dry Muscats because they’re hard to find and because…well…I just like ’em.  Perhaps because they’re so rare.  Actually I can only think of three that I’ve enjoyed over the years…Pat Paulsen (founded in Sonoma County by the comedian and presidential candidate of the same name…of Smothers Brothers TV show fame and apparently now in Napa), Wild Horse in the Central Coast region of CA, and Yellow Hawk Cellar in Walla Walla (friends of mine who decided to shut down a few years ago).  So I was delighted to find this new (to me) dry Muscat from the southern hemisphere!

Brilliant pale golden color.  Clearly and obviously Muscat in the nose with very perfumed muskmelon, orange, lime zest, floral aromas and a certain earthiness.  On the front of the tongue it gives an almost sweet impression, but then immediately dries out and finishes with a tangy bite.  Rich extract gives it body that is rarely found in the sweet Muscats and Moscatos.  Delicious and very well made.  I found this online description of the wine from a local vintner and wine shop in a whale watching town northwest of Seattle, Anacortes, WA (where it sold for twice as much).  I like this description much better than my own.  So combine them both and I think you’ll have an excellent idea of what’s in the bottle.  There are also notes here from the importer, Wine Trees (from whom we’ve seen a number of wines at GO).  Dry Muscats have always been a tough sell.  But if you like them, you need to try this.  And if you’ve never had one…you need to try this for the experience.

Only down side to this wine: the Stelvin closure (screw cap) just spun round and round.  I had to cut the perforations with a knife to get it open.


5 thoughts on “2012 Maffick Dry Moscato, Mendoza, Argentina $4.99

  1. BargainWhine

    I just thought I’d add the notes from the newsletter to which you linked: explosive nose of jasmine, honeysuckle, roses and peaches, with a laser-like dryness and the mouthwatering intensity of fresh lemonade and key lime pie. In my previous life as a seafood restauranteur, dry Muscat was my preferred wine for shellfish, but we hardly ever were able to find one.

  2. lim13 Post author

    Thanks for reporting, RB. It’s always nice to find another dry Muscat appreciator. We tend to be few and far between. Glad you liked it. Your salad match sounds like a tasty one…and I have a bunch of salmon in the freezer that I smoked last year. Might have to give that a try. What else was in the salad?

    1. RB

      Nothing fancy, for sure. If I remember correctly, it was romaine, spinach, carrot, red pepper, avocado, sauteed red onion and a little raw cauliflower, with a Green Goddess-like dressing.

  3. RB

    I tried this last night and really liked it. I think your description is spot on, Lim13, and this style is right in my wheelhouse. It went very well with our smoked salmon salad. Thanks for putting this one on my radar. I had picked this up at the Crown Hill store, but am glad it has worked it’s way down to Olympia.


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