2009 Picos del Montgó Old Vines Garnacha

DO Cariñena, Spain; 13.5% ABV
$5 at the Berkeley, CA, store on 14 March

2009_PicosDelMontgo_OVGarnachaThis wine starts out rather red, simple, and sort of fruit-punchy.  It needs 60 – 90 minutes of air in a decanter, after which it shows a very nice complex of darker red and purple / black fruits – cherries, raspberries, strawberry, a little plum, perhaps even some watermelon – with lighter acid of the above fruits and some bitterness of cherry pit.  Its character is smooth and ripely sweet.  If this still doesn’t sound good to you, then I suggest you try this when you want a Zinfandel.  I think it would easily substitute for one, and it’s better than any $5 Zin at the GO.

Update next day:  Ok, after going shopping this morning, I see there are at least two new $5 Zins I haven’t tried.  I got one to see if it’s as good as this Garnacha.  🙂


9 thoughts on “2009 Picos del Montgó Old Vines Garnacha

  1. jimvan49

    I tried this wine this evening (and yes, I was thinking of a zin, but I had this one labelled with a 2015 drink date, and pulled it out.) I’d say remarkably accurate reviews by 5-Star Bar and BargainWhine, as I found this wine to be fruit forward, with both red and blue fruit, and that touch of cherry pit spoken of. It had good acidity, its tannin has faded away, and although musty for about 10 seconds this quickly blew off to reveal nice aromas and flavors. I had it with a steak and broccoli, and it went well with both. It is ready to drink if you have any, but isn’t in any danger of fading away.

  2. 5-Star Bar

    Though I realize this wine was reviewed a while back I thought that it was worth revisiting, especially in light of the recent commentary on the 2011 Piggy Bank Grenache. While I haven’t seen the Piggy Bank in the Bay Area, I found the 2009 Picos del Montgo (Montgo Peaks) Old Vine Garnacha (Grenache) to be surprisingly enjoyable. For those of you who enjoy intense, fruit-forward, New World style wines I’d say that you’re in for quite a treat. No doubt this wine is a Grenache. It features both fruit and floral notes and has held up wonderfully given that it is now 5 years old. If you’ve never tried a Grenache before, this is a great wine to discover the varietal with.

    On the palate it starts out quite ripe and jammy (Big, bold Raspberry jam!) which amply attests to the quality of fruit produced by its 60 year old vines.This is followed by a distinctive note of (the tropical flower) hibiscus (think Jamaica flavored agua fresca). Perhaps overly rambunctious and simple in its youth the 2009 Picos del Montgo has matured and evolved into a more complex and, dare I say, “pretty” bottle of wine. Despite its unabashedly fruit-forward entry, the wine remains supple to the last finishing pleasantly dry, lightly spicy, and smooth as silk. After trying my first bottle I went back a couple if days later and picked up several more. It was still available in San Francisco when I was there early this week…


  3. lim13

    Now appearing at the Bremerton GO for $5.99. No promises, but you can probably wait until the 20% off sale.

  4. Stevens

    I bought 2 bottles and enjoyed both. Then bought a case….first bottle out tasted musty…feared the whole case might be like this, but have had 4 more and all were good.

  5. the winegetter

    This is a nice reminder, had a bottle of this wine about a year ago, and also liked it quite a bit…after about an hour, just as you say…wish I had a couple more bottles…

    1. BargainWhine Post author

      Greetings winegetter! I’m amazed. I think this is the second wine I’ve reviewed that you’ve also purchased. I guess your cheap wine sources buy from some of the same re-sellers as the Grocery Outlet.

      1. the winegetter

        I am pretty certain I bought this one at World Market (definitely a bit more pricy than GO, but not that much)…:) I wish I had better cheap wine sources, like you guys…


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