Patch Block non-vintage Pinot Noir

France, from Georges Dubœuf; 12% ABV; screw cap
$4 at the Berkeley, CA, store on 14 March

PatchBlock_NV_PinotNoirI am apparently the resident sucker for French Pinot Noir made for the American market, being taken in by the Dubœuf name in this case.  As far as such things go, this is not as bad as the Wish You Were Here, but it’s still not something I’d recommend to everyone.

We drank this over two nights.  On the first night, the wine showed bright fresh-fruity / candy-like flavors of cherry and raspberry.  It’s  agreeably tasty, and neither totally simple nor offensively flavored, but it lacks a lot of things that can make a good Pinot Noir: earth, funk, cola, orange, herbs.  At the end of dinner, I put the screw cap back on with about half the wine left in the bottle.

The next day, the flavors were somewhat darker, showing more dark cherry / plum, and it was a little more tangy.  But otherwise, it was much the same.  If the above description sounds good to you, I’d say this is a reasonable quaffer for the price.


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