2002 Domaine Tut, Horse Heaven Hills, Yakima Valley, WA $7.99

Bremerton, WA   14.8% alc.   (Purchased on 4/1/14)

IMG_1459Back label states that “This wine, like King Tut’s tomb, is a mystery. Some bottles contain Malvasia Bianca and some contain Tempranillo.  To solve the mystery, you’ll just have to take a giant leap to discover the treasure that’s actually awaiting you inside. If you don’t get the variety you were hoping for, at least you’ll have this attractive bottle!”

When I opened my bottle, the contents had the typical floral, aromatic bouquet of Malvasia, but the color was a dark ruby red. The flavors were honeyed and showed ripe apricot, but also displayed red raspberry and smoky cigar box cedar. Bone dry and loaded with tannins. A real conundrum! Three hours after finishing a couple of glasses with my wife, we both had severe headaches. I’ve re-corked it and will share the rest with friends this weekend.  What are friends for?

I can’t recommend it for its contents, but the bottle sure is purty. Think I’ll display it on the end table right next to our high-heeled, fish-net stockinged leg lamp. If you can find it, pick one up just to see what you get!  And please share your findings.


9 thoughts on “2002 Domaine Tut, Horse Heaven Hills, Yakima Valley, WA $7.99

  1. lim13 Post author

    I feel compelled to note that my inspiration for this post came almost entirely from our ol’ buddy and fellow reviewer dluber. I just couldn’t let the tradition die. Thanks, DL!!

    1. adlerpe

      Born in Arizona
      Got a condo made of STONE-a!

      This is a very strange marketing angle: “Here’s a fancy bottle. It’s got WINE in it. We’re not telling you what *kind* of wine, or anything about how it tastes. Pay us money, and take your chances!”
      lim, do you know anything about the winery? Is it possible the fancy bottles were just a technique for offloading random lots or something?

      1. lim13 Post author

        Just remember, adlerpe…this was posted on APRIL FIRST! BTW, LOVE the Steve Martin quote. Wish I had used it in the post.

      2. lim13 Post author

        Answer #2 to your question, adlerpe. Perhaps the Yakima Valley winery involved was somehow “in cahoots” (as my mother used to say) with this facility in British Columbia:
        The Tut bottles are definitely “random lots or something”. And wouldn’t this wine bottle look amazing standing alongside this beauty: http://www.amazon.com/Egyptian-Sphinx-Bottle-Holder-Collectible/dp/B000KXB3XA I love that the bottle in the holder is a Two Buck Chuck. A $2 bottle in a $45 holder.


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