2009 Okanogan Gewürztraminer

Washington state; 12.8% ABV
$8 at the Oakland, CA, store on 2 April

2009_Okanogan_GewurzThe price seemed a bit expensive for GO standards, but the bottle had a nice label and, really, how often do we see a Gewürztraminer?  To my taste, it’s definitely New World not Old, but I’m pretty happy with it.

The inviting nose smells of white and yellow flowers and yellow peach / lighter apricot.  On the palate of this off-dry wine, there’s much more of the same plus some light spiciness and bitterness of orange peel, with a decent fruit – acid balance.  It paired well with the chicken (organic thighs from the GO!) I cooked with grapefruit marmalade, powdered ginger, white pepper, and some of the wine.  Although the “Elsewhere” price is not that much more than the GO price, maybe $12 or $13 IIRC, but this is nonetheless not bad for $8.  I may get another bottle or two if I find it during the sale.

I said it’s New World because of the ripeness level, higher than I recall you’d usually find in an Alsatian Gewurz.  However, the winery is just 5 miles south of the US – Canada border, although I guess that doesn’t tell me where the grapes were grown.

In the box full of Gewurz, there were also two bottles of 2010 Okanogan Riesling, which turned out to be $7 when I bought one of them.


5 thoughts on “2009 Okanogan Gewürztraminer

  1. Karen Read

    Hi BargainWhine – just to make things more interesting, there are two Okanogan Valley wine regions; this one in north-east Washington, and the one I am more familiar with, the Okanagan Valley, north of the 49th.
    It is amazing that I like red wine at all, given that wines produced in British Columbia in the 70’s and 80’s were predominantly German-style, although that was a step up from its predecessor – wines made from berries, tree fruits, really just about anything, other than grapes. The early versions of BC Gewurztraminer were quite sweet, but as the industry matured, dry and off-dry wines were produced. I was sooooo happy to see 2007 Sumac Ridge Pinot Blanc at GO in 2012 (although lim13 did not like it much) for $6 – anything from Sumac Ridge retails for over $17 back in the old country.

    1. lim13

      For clarification, Karen…I reviewed two Sumac Ridge Pinot Blancs from the same vintage. This oakier version I indeed did not like. But this “Private Reserve” version I did enjoy (though I had no idea what made it a “Private Reserve”). My wife and I have visited the Canadaian Okanogan wine region twice. We love it! Such beautiful country…far more visually appealing than the WA Okanogan. I haven’t had any of their reds in some time now, but never found much that garnered my interest. But the German-style wines (which are dear to me)…particularly Gewurz, Auxerrois and Ehrenfelser frequently blew me away. Quite delicious.

      One of the experiences I looked forward to each year for many years was participating in seminars conducted by Harry McWaters (co-founder of Sumac Ridge) at Society of Wine Educator conferences. He was so much fun to talk with…such an unassuming man who obviously loved what he was doing…and loved his Canada.

      1. jwc

        I recall enjoying the Sumac Ridge PG and even a chardonnay quite some time ago. I waited till they went down to $3.99,for whatever reason they didn’t move, maybe the Canadian designation scared folks off. Well made wines, I remember being pleasantly surprised.


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