Spring 2014 Wine Sale


Starting in one week, it’s the Spring sale — 20% off all wines Wednesday through Sunday — this time April 9th to 13th.  Comment on this post to let us know what you plan to stock up on, or let us know after you’ve gotten it home if there’s any left where you found it, or any other related thoughts.  Cheers and happy hunting!


69 thoughts on “Spring 2014 Wine Sale

  1. editgrl

    Okay, I know I said I was only interested in whites this sale, but after finding a large quantity of the Pellegrini cabs for only $9.99 in Roseville, I could not resist. Also picked up both the Alexander Valley and Napa Valley Tarkettle Road cabs. They also had a lot of the 2011 Rock Wall Petite Sirah at $10.99 as well as the Julie’s Vineyard Zin at $12.99. Wine guy said that the Petite Sirah was “the best red we have in the store.” We shall see. Grabbed a bottle of Samantha Starr 2009 Pinot Noir $9.99. I did managed to fit in a few whites, the Barrymore Pinot Grigio at $3.99 and Helfrich 2008 Pinot Gris at $6.99. Was planning to hit two more stores, but my pocketbook might say otherwise.

  2. PW

    Had some free time today so drove to the Salem OR (Lancaster) GO. They really have the best selection around here. There were so many that hadn’t seen before that I’m sure I over bought. They had a lot of what I’d already seen in Albany and Corvallis plus a lot of new to me things. I didn’t spend much time in the whites because I’m well stocked for spring/summer. All prices before 20% off

    Whites I did pick up:
    Frankland Estate Isolation Ridge Vineyard 2006 Chardonnay $6.99 (This has a $22. retail online but I can’t find any ratings on it.)
    Cantare Prosecco (extra-dry sparkling) 5.99

    Mosaic Zinfandel 2012 (very happy to find this one…they also had the cab and a white) 10.99
    Lithos Vineyard Napa Valley Cab 2011 11.99 (I almost did not buy this one but the wine buyer had me taste an open bottle…it had been open two days and still was quite good…I was surprised, given that it hadn’t been properly stored etc…)
    Napa Ridge Napa Valley 2009 Pinot Noir 9.99 (Probably sorry I didn’t buy more of this…retails for $17..99 and has great ratings online)
    Marques de Caro Crianza 2009 6.99
    Vendimia 2011 Drassanes 7.99
    Beringer Malbec Founder’s Estate Premier Release 2011 7.98

  3. Patrick

    I have seen several comments saying the Pelligrini 2009 Block 9 AV Cab is $19.99, I bought the last 8 bottles at So. San Jose for $9.99 plus the 20% off?

    1. rondo

      You did well. It was $19.99 less 20% in SF. Please let us know what you think of it when you open it.

    2. seedboy

      Has anyone tasted this wine? When I could not find any more of it I decided not to open my one bottle, as I prefer Cabs with some age on them.

      1. Patrick

        We opened the Block nine last night and it was great didn’t need much air and we 3 found ourselves in a second bottle, so I went back and bought what was left this am, I would like to hear the tasting notes from some of our more articulate players.

  4. jwc

    Lots of new vino at the Tanasbourne GO: Prices before discount

    2001 Le Riche Reserve Cabernet Sauvignon (Stollenbosch South Africa) $3.99
    2007 Seidelberg Rolands Reserve Syrah South Africa $2.99
    2011 Blue Pirate Pinot Noir Willamette Valley $7.99
    2003 North Point Cabernet Sauvignon $3.99
    2011 Da Luca Sangiovese $5.99
    2010 Echelon RRV Pinot Noir $5.99
    2010 Mosaic Cab Sav Alexander Valley $11.99
    2009 Wakefield Cabernet Sauvignon $7.99
    2010 Wakefield Shiraz $7.99
    2012 Mosaic Zinfandel $10.99
    2009 Winfield Reserve Riesling $7.99
    Rascal Riesling NV Oregon $4.99
    Ste. Chapelle 2010 Harvest Riesling Chuck Devlin $4.99 375ml
    2003 Umkhulu Shiraz The Big One South Africa $4.99
    2007 & 2008 Ribera Pinot Noir Willamette Valley $7.99

    The Le Riche Reserve cab sav is fantastic, 14 cases were gone on the first day. This is a world class wine, made by Etiene le Riche, formerly of Rustenberg, one of SA’s top wineries, who ventured out on his own sometime ago, 1997 or so, and makes classic cab sav with an SA twist.
    The Seidelberg Reserve Syra, Rolands Reserve is very good too, a ridiculous value at $2.99, all gone also on Day 1. These SA wines are well structured, and delicious. I popped into Tanasbourne and found a former owner of a local fine wine shop, as well as an MD friend of mine stocking up big time…so I joined in. In addition the Hogue Genesis Riesling is still there,
    and the Covey Run Reserve Merlot. I’m really pleased with the Le Riche Reserve Cab, one of the better purchases I’ve made in 25 yrs of buying GO wines. I’ll have a review forthcoming. Enjoy the sale all! Good stuff in Tanasbourne, it’s about bloody time!

  5. editgrl

    Stocking up on whites this sale. So far, the 2012 La Vigne aux Filles Sancerre, 2011 Charquino Albarino and the Michaud Chardonnay, all found at the Riverside/Pocket store. Interestingly, the Michaud Chardonnay carries a regular price of $9.99 at this store, but a friend just emailed me and saw it at $13.99 in West Sac. Also looking for the Triada Chardonnar/Torrontes and if there is any of that Cimbron Verdejo left at any of the stores in the area. And though I’m primarily interested in the whites, I’d grab some of that 2008 Ribera Pinot Noir if I found it here.

    1. BargainWhine Post author

      Hi editgrl. Long time no see, I think. That’s great that you were able to find those very nice white wines. Their regular prices had already been lowered (Sancerre $16 –> $5, Albarino $10 –> $4, Michaud $14 –> $10) and then you got them 20% off! I guess the West Sac store didn’t get the memo, as they say, or it’s possible they just didn’t bother to change the sign by the Michaud, but it might still scan at the lower price.

    2. Don Bevins

      I will be in the Greenhaven store Saturday. Any new recommendations? Have not been in West Sac for quite some time since Grenhaven opened. Does Greenhaven have any of the Helfrich pinot gris left at $3.99?
      Plenty of the Pellegrini $19.99 cabs at the Roseville square store and lots of the IO 2004 blend at the Rocklin Store.
      So many stores…..so little time.

      1. editgrl

        I don’t get to the Greenhaven store as often as West Sac, though they’re both about the same distance from me. I did not notice if there was any of the Helfrich left. I will be visiting Roseville this afternoon and midtown.

      2. editgrl

        I just bought the Pellegrini Alexander Valley cab for $9.99 at the Roseville Square store. So much for that “concentrating on whites” thing…

  6. rgardner2

    Bought more than planned. Found some stuff I’d missed yesterday. 6th Ave Tacoma still had over 4 pallets in the storeroom at 2 PM today.

    I tried the Yakima “Still Wine Company,” Red Wine after a glass of Frunza Pinot Noir. Not to my liking and I will return (I’ve never returned to GO before!). I let it air 30 minutes before trying. Thin, jammy, vanilla bomb. Two sips was all I could stand. Then mouth started puckering. Vanilla so strong it was as if they had added vanilla extract. Never tasted anything like it. I’ll try again in the morning, just in case, but…

    Next, to clear my palate:
    2009 Redwood Vineyards CA Pinot Noir 12.5%. A Bronco Wine. Gold Medal SF Chronicle Wine Competition 2012. Decent, berries and fruit, residual sugar. I wouldn’t hold long, think it is turning.

    Tarkettle Road CabS – Paso Robles. But looking it up I see they also have a Alex Valley version.
    Lunatic – at $5 (less 20%) – wine guy said price had dropped.
    Lupi Reali – organic white – since everyone else likes it
    Le Chateau Walla Walla – Nicola’s Redmark White (Chard/Riesling) – this is from Claar Cellars – discussion here – http://onerichwineguy.blogspot.com/2012/08/nicolas-redmark-makes-exciting-mark.html More: http://lechateauwinery.com/

    And for fun, Arbor Mist Frozen Wine Cocktails in metal pouches 2/$1- LOL, actually bought 2 to take camping this summer as a joke.

  7. Darrell

    In Oakland today I saw a lady pick up about 3 cases of the 2010 1805 Columbia Valley Chard. and so I thought I would try a bottle at $4.99. It had some residual sugar I would say at nearly threshold level. Preferred the Whiplash Chard. at $3.99 a bottle that was next to the 1805.

  8. rondo

    Just got back from SF store. The last 2 bottles of the Helfich Steinklotz was seen in somebody’s cart. I picked up some 2004 Blackford Cab, Wolf Blass Pres. Select Shiraz,
    2007 Maorou, 2009 Capitel della Crosara Ripasso.
    Also seen were the Mosaic Cab and Zin, Echelon pinot, Gloria Ferrer pinot, 1,5l Cafaro cabs, Pellegrini Block 9 ($19.99) and Milestone, and a Aussie chard from the Franklin River (6.99), 2002 Blackford cab
    Has anybody tried the Pellegrini wines yet?

  9. PW

    Well I’d intended on only picking “tried and true” wines at this wine sale. A few things interested me though so I broke the (self imposed) rules. (All prices before 20% off)

    Picked up the 2010 Tarkettle Road Old Vine Zinfandel $5.99
    2011 Tarkettle Road Russian River Valley Pinot Noir (I think this was $7.99…can’t remember)
    A couple bottles of the Mosaic Cab (Dry Creek Valley) that we’ve previously enjoyed. $10.99
    (Glad I stocked up on the Lunatic…it’s back up to $6.99 here.)

    The biggest surprise for me was finding a few bottles of
    Ribera Vineyards 2008 Pinot Noir. $7.99 ($6.40 after sale).

    I’m a big fan of Willamette Valley Pinot Noir and 2008 was what they call “No such thing as a bad pinot noir in 2008” year. So while I know it could be on the edge of age, I looked it up and found this (and decided to buy a few bottles). We’ll try it tonight and see if it’s worth stocking up. It looks to be promising. I don’t know if anyone here has had any experience with it. I couldn’t find anything in the search.

    Info from:
    Here’s The Scoop

    * The wine is from Oregon’s great 2008 vintage
    * It has been aging in the bottle at the winery, not even labeled
    * This pinot won a Gold at the Oregon Wine Awards, the best competition in Oregon that uses all-local judges (including me).
    * This wine has retailed in the past for $30 – and was a steal at that price
    * Unlike some of the other amazing bargains we’ve offered, this wine is is perfect to drink RIGHT NOW.

    The ’08 Ribera is a much, much more complex, dense, and dark-fruited wine with much more body and length. The Ribera could easily retail in Oregon for up to $36 / bottle and they’d get no complaints.

      1. PW

        Sorry, I typed it on my phone but lost signal when I tried to send. When I re-typed it at home, I forgot that part. The Ribera was from the Albany OR GO. The rest were from the Corvallis, OR store.

    1. PW

      We tried the 08 Ribera tonight. While it’s much drier than we expected, given the description, we liked it very much. Will probably drop back by and pick up a few more bottles. It’s very much a typical WV Oregon pinot, if you like them, a good buy.

  10. Jim Vandegriff

    Just got home from the Eureka store. I still can’t believe you can get a 2008 Helfrich Alsatian Grand Cru Vineyard (Steinklotz) Pinot Gris for $5.60 after discount. They come in small (holds 6) wooden boxes as well. I picked up a small assortment of other wines too – 2007 Vavasour NZ pinot noir, 2011 Barrymore Venezia pinot grigio, 2011 Giormani Valplicella Ripasso, 2009 Duck Pond Wahluke Slope Desert Winds Vineyard Chardonnay (WA), and half bottles of 2008 Gloria Ferrer estate Carneros Pinot Noir.

  11. RB

    At the Olympia store I just got a few more of some recent favorites: Maffick Dry Moscato and Echelon PN. Also grabbed a few of the Ste. Chapelle LHR because I like the 08 so much, and at $3.99 before discount, why not?
    The only wine I saw that I haven’t seen mentioned was an Echelon 2011 Pinot Grigio for $3.99. Also out were the Munari 07 Syrah and R Oatley PN.

    1. weinish

      Just returned from Oakland.

      Picked up a new wine: maorou 2007 gsm. No idea what it’s all about but gambled.

      Grabbed case of the Lupi white organic wine, and a few tryptichs.

      There is a fair amount of G Ferrer PN, but it’s not my taste.

      Store seems well stocked, but nothing you haven’t seen.

      1. BargainWhine Post author

        Hi weinish. I got a bottle of the Maorou at the Richmond store. According to the back label, it’s a GSC (Grenache – Syrah – Carignan), but amusingly, I also nonetheless referred to it as a GSM when talking about it with others there. Of the new wines I got today, it’s the one that interests me the most. Thanks for your report from Oakland.

        1. JoelA

          Youse guys sure cleaned out the pinot noirs at Richmond. Had to go to Pinole just to get some half bottles of Glorai Ferrer.

          1. BargainWhine Post author

            I think the Richmond store manager said someone came and bought up most or all of his Ferrer, but, as you noted, it’s still around at other stores. I liked the Vavasour Pinot better anyway, of which I got 4 bottles. The Vavasour was gone by late morning, though. I also got three bottles of Rock Wall Petite Sirah. I plan to lay them down for a while, along with most of the Pinot.

          1. BargainWhine Post author

            Google maps tells me Hauterive is a bit farther north, along the Allier river near Vichy. However, I don’t remember any wine coming from around there, and the character of this wine does remind me of the one or two Costieres de Nimes I can recall.

      2. lim13

        Did you ever try that Lupi before you bought the case, weinish? I know you were asking about locating it in CA. If you don’t like it…I’ll feel somewhat responsible! :~) But I guess you could always return it.

            1. Seedboy

              Today I finished off a bottle that was two days old. Still crisp and tasty. This reminds me somewhat of an entry level Chablis.

  12. Vin du Pays

    Stocked up on some favorites with today’s sale like Rock Wall PS, Mosaic CS, C.M.S. CS, Michaud Chard., Three Rivers Chard., and picked up some new wines based on good reviews, Echelon PN, Rock Wall Zin, Tarkettle Road Zin, Tarkettle Road SB, Barrymore PG, Quickfire SB and Chard. I thought my Jackson, CA store had a pretty good selection. May need to go back and get more Chardonnay.

  13. lim13

    To hopefully assist you in your buying, here’s my pre-sale report for the Silverdale GO. The following wines are still available at that store…and all of these received a Thumbs Up. Initials in parentheses are those of the reviewer. Just use the search function on our home page if you want to check out the reviews. I may get up to the Bremerton store during the sale for a report…hard to say. Happy hunting!!

    Two other things worth mentioning. “Word on the street” is that no more wine will be delivered to this store before the sale ends, so don’t count on seeing anything else new. And today at the store I bought a 4 pack of Stolzle German crystal stemless 11.25 oz. white wine tasting glasses for $7.99. A real deal!! Small, but great for tasting.

    2011 Alfred Graf Kabinett $5.99 (BW)
    2011 Tablelands NZ Sauv Blanc $6.99 (BW)
    2011 Lake & Vine CA Sauv Blanc $3.99 – was $7.99 (L13)
    2010 Genesis WA Riesling $4.99 (L13)
    2011 Whiplash CA Chardonnay $4.99 (L13)
    2010 Viano Contra Costa Zin $5.99 (BW)
    2010 Triptych Paso Robles Red $4.99 – was $6.99 (L13)
    2006 Legaris Crianza Spain $7.99 (B5)
    2010 Cellar No. 8 CA Red $3.99 (L13)
    2007 Ottomonti Montefalco Sagrantino Italy $11.99 (BW)
    2010 Echelon RRV Pinot Noir $5.99 (L13) Still lots left!
    2012 Wines of Substance WA Merlot $7.99 (B5)
    2012 Caminetto Sangiovese Puglia $4.99 (B5)
    NV (really 2002) Street Sonoma Shiraz $4.99 (L13)
    2010 Wolf Blass Presidents Selection Shiraz Aussie $4.99 (B5) less than a case left!
    2008 Columbia WA Syrah $5.99 (BW)
    2008 Arch Terrace Red Mtn. Merlot $9.99 (B5)
    2010 Fernz NZ Sauv Blanc $4.99 (L13)
    2009 Sidewood Sauv Blanc Aussie $7.99 (L13)
    2011 Nandu Malbec Argentina $5.99 (L13)
    2010 Columbia Winery “1805” WA Malbec $5.99 (BW)
    2011 Lupi Reali Trebbiano D’Abruzzo $3.99 (L13)
    2011 Lunatic White CA $3.99 (L13) still didn’t raise the price here,flitcraft…go figure!
    2010 Nobilo NZ Sauv Blanc $6.99 (L13)
    And new to this store…Quickfire (Terlato Family) Pinot Gris, Sauv Blancand Cab Sauv; Still Wine Company Chard and Red Blend; Stonefly CA Syrah; 2009 Robert Oatley Mornington Peninsula Pinot Noir (for me, the most interesting of the bunch); Tarkettle Road Pinot Noir; and the Picos Garnacha that BW favorably reviewed.

    1. lim13

      Like my last comment post wasn’t long enough. Forgot to mention they also had the what appeared to be just a few botttles left of the 2010 St. Chapelle Late Harvest Riesling in 375’s for $3.99 that flitcraft recently mentioned. The 2008 that I reviewed was killer!!

    2. rgardner2

      I hit the 3 Tacoma-area stores and noted much of the same. Lakewood had everything out from my discussion with the manager, and no more coming. 6th Ave likely didn’t have everything out yet. 56th St is small.

      Cut-and-paste from Lim’s list with reviews on the wines that I saw in Pierce County. 6 = Tacoma 6th Ave, 56 = Tacoma 56th St, and L = Lakewood (Pacific Hwy) – if no notation, I saw it somewhere but it wasn’t on my “list.” * = I’ll be buying

      2011 Alfred Graf Kabinett $5.99 (BW) L
      2011 Tablelands NZ Sauv Blanc $6.99 (BW) 6 L
      2011 Lake & Vine CA Sauv Blanc $3.99 – was $7.99 (L13) All
      2011 Whiplash CA Chardonnay $4.99 (L13)
      2010 Cellar No. 8 CA Red $3.99 (L13)
      2010 Echelon RRV Pinot Noir $5.99 (L13) – saw several Echelons
      2008 Columbia WA Syrah $5.99 (BW) L
      2008 Arch Terrace Red Mtn. Merlot $9.99 (B5) L – 2 cases left *
      2010 Fernz NZ Sauv Blanc $4.99 (L13) 6 L
      2010 Columbia Winery “1805″ WA Malbec $5.99 (BW) 56 – erratic ratings on cellartracker, flawed bottles? Website on label down *
      2011 Lunatic White CA $3.99 (L13) All – now $5?
      2010 Nobilo NZ Sauv Blanc $6.99 (L13)

      New to store:
      2010 St. Chapelle Late Harvest Riesling in 375′s L (this was a pull wine only, so not all stores will get it).Minerally/chalk. Lychee and diesel *
      Still Wine Company Chard (2011) and Red Blend (NV) Yakima WA $4/10 I’m finding zero info on them, not on 2014 list of WA wineries (1 bottle in cellartracker) 56 L *
      2009 Robert Oatley Mornington Peninsula Pinot Noir 6 L *
      2011 Stonefly CA Syrah $6/20 from “Our Cellars” L*
      Tarkettle Road Pinot Noir; and the CS *
      Picos Garnacha that BW favorably reviewed. *

      2010 Gravity Hills Vertigo Chenin Riesling (CA Central Coast) $4/12 – I like chenin – all *
      2007 Albeno Munari Syrah (Calaveras – CA Foothills) $6/16 56
      2007 Albeno Munari Petite Syrah $6/22 L *
      2006 Simi Sonoma Merlot $10/15 56 L

      2011 Ca’ Momi Bianco de Napa $5/12 (Healdburg!). Nothing screams Napa like old Italy?
      2009 Nicola’s redmark White (Le Chateau Walla Walla ) $5/10 56

      And party time, Rex-Goliath White Zin, $3/1.5L

      1. BargainWhine Post author

        The last couple bottles of the Graf Kabinett I bought (and drank pretty soon afterward) seemed to be going over the hill. I would no longer recommend it unless you’ve had one recently and know you like it.

    3. bin5

      Great list lim13. I saw the Oatley Pinot Noir in Maple Valley today. I don’t have much to add except the 2012 Wines of Substance Syrah ($6) is pretty darn good. Worth a try at the discount price for sure.

      1. lim13

        I left the Substance Syrah off my list because it’s supposed to go out onto the Silverdale floor on Wednesday, but we didn’t know yet what vintage it was. If it’s the 2012 (and not the 2010 that I did not like), I may give it a try. Thanks, bin5.

  14. inthewinecountry

    Well, One I know I am going to get more of to hold for the summer is a Pinot. Its just about gone from the stores but a 1.40 off makes it 5.60 so good deal to stock up on seeing the price for newer vintages at TJ’s and Safeway would be about 3.00 more same wine.

  15. Bill Marcus

    Long Gamma – anything-but-chardonnary white table wine (basically a rhone blend with some sauvignon blanc), Discoveries petite sirah (accessible, not complex but good for $4.99), and Private Reserve Bordeaux-Standard St. Emilion 2006 (opened a bottle and had some tonight) for $6.99 are on my list from the West Sacramento store..

  16. Seedboy

    I was in the Berkeley store yesterday and did not see anything new. That wall of half bottles for $5.99 and up seems pretty misguided, although I do loves me some .375s.

  17. KathinOregon

    Apologies for a 2nd post…. long time lurker, first time poster. I love this blog and all the contributions.
    I probably posted my question in the wrong place (in the January Giormani Ripasso section).
    Repeat Question: Has anyone in Oregon seen the Giormani Ripasso for sale (in Oregon)?
    Also, has anyone seen any nice sparkling wines in Oregon stores? Thanks so much!

    1. lim13

      No apologies necessary…we’re just happy you posted for the first time…and we’d welcome more of your comments/questions. Thanks for letting us know that you enjoy our site. That Giormani is still hanging out in a few stores up here in WA, but I don’t recall seeing it when I was in Portland last month. Where are you in Oregon, Kath? I reviewed a NV bubbly that I tasted and bought in Portland that you may want to try, depending on what quality you’re looking for. here’s the review: https://grossoutwine.wordpress.com/2014/03/12/nv-hacienda-california-brut-sparkling-wine-5-99/

      1. KathinOregon

        Hello, Lim13, Thanks for the reply! I live in the Portland Metro area, but happen to travel all over the state for work (Southern Oregon, Coast and to Hood River), so I kept “Oregon” open. 😉
        Thanks for the link to the CA sparkler, I will be on the look out for it. Nice notes, very descriptive and informative-I can almost taste it!

        Hi I.Fine: I did see a small amount of the NV Kiki Sparkling SB in at least one Portland metro (Oregon) store ?Beaverton? (I lack specifics due to my travelling around), but that was back in November 2013. I bought a couple bottles on a whim (without seeing the reviews on here) and loved it for its unique qualities. It had nice SB notes, with a refreshing core and lovely bubbles. It was $4, complete bargain. I haven’t seen any since and wish I had bought a case or more at the time. I know this doesn’t help you, but I’ll be on the look out and post here if I come across any!

        1. jwc

          I only charge, a 1 bottle commission KO! You will have to search for it, it’s in a case below the table where a bunch of various red’s are displayed. Also the wine steward mentioned she rcvd 500 cases of wine yesterday! I found that a tad hard to believe, sounds more like a DC delivery. She did say she was new, so perhaps the large delivery felt like 500 cases. I didn’t have the heart to ask/ look at the manifest/invoice, she appeard a little frazzled, bringing case after case on a dolly, no room for pallet quantities on the floor. Anyhow, hope to see a lot of new offerings. Only thing I did see was a Robert Mondavi 2012 Private Selection Zinfandel for $2.99, so ho hum on that one. If it were the RM Napa Valley zin, that would be another story. So here’s to wishfull thinking…

          1. KathinOregon

            Thanks so much again, JWC. Not sure I’ll make it to Vancouver (work has me chained up!) but will do my best. Cheers!

          2. JettRedd

            JWC ~ so glad to have you stop by the Hazel Dell store last week. We have several new wines out ready for the sale. We actually did receive 500 cases of wine last week. With the large delivery (9 1/2 pallets ) I had to do the receiving of the wine in back in the warehouse. Normally the 2 pallet deliveries are checked in at the front of the store in the wine department. Sale starts tomorrow and I have another 192 cases arriving with more the Mosaic Cabernet I really like, plus several more new wines.

    1. lim13

      You’re talking about the sparkler, right? If you should happen to find it anywhere, I.F. please let us know. I’ve never located any and I’d really like to give it a try. Not holding out much hope though.

  18. seedboy

    Steve at Oakland tells me that he has a few more things coming in for the sale. He has a very nice Dry Creek meritage by a real winery (I forget the name) that will be roughly $20. I’ve tasted it and it is a balanced, complex wine just on the edge of pruney.

    1. BargainWhine Post author

      I suspect you refer to the Pellegrini 2006 Milestone, a Meritage, half Merlot with all 5 Bordeaux varietals. $20

  19. flitcraft

    Here’s hoping that the stock gets a boost this week or I doubt I’ll be buying a lot, even at the discount rate.

    I did notice that our local GO has a sign advertising Customer Appreciation Week–April 11-13. Only at GO would a week last three days! I’m hoping, however, that there might be some extra non-wine deals as well during the three day Customer Appreciation Week. We shall see…


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