2010 Okanogan Riesling

Washington state; 12.7% ABV
$7 at the Oakland, CA, store on 2 April

2010_Okanogan_RieslingThis was one of only two bottles in an open case of the 2009 Okanogan Gewürztraminer on the shelf at the Oakland store, so I don’t know how much of this is actually around.  Has anyone seen it?  Anyway, I liked the Riesling, too.  It went well with bockwurst from the GO fried up with onion, steamed cauliflower, and herb bread from a local bakery.

Also off-dry, this wine was nicely balanced between yellow and green fruit, and between sweet fruit and acid, bitterness, and minerality.  Its main flavors were yellow apple, white pear, and green apple, with a fairly clear and clean character.  After about an hour of air, its character softened and became a little more complex with the addition of yellow / green melon.  It’s pretty tasty wine for $7, although probably competitive with Ste. Chapelle 2011 Special Harvest Riesling (still in stores near me for $5) in terms of what you get for the money.


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