2009 Robert Oatley Mornington Peninsula Pinot Noir, Australia $8.99

Silverdale, WA    13% alc.   (Purchased on 4/9/14)

IMG_1461I’ve generally been quite impressed with the quality of the various Robert Oatley wines I’ve tried, so thought this was likely a safe bet…especially at the sale price of $7.19.

Clear pale ruby with the slightest bit of orange tone around the rim.  Nose shows pure black cherry fruit, smoke and cinnamon spice with some earthiness.  In the mouth, it’s light in texture with little tannin and excellent acidity; the flavors show more dark cherry, mushroomy earthiness and spice.  Has an understated Burgundian feel to it in nose, flavors and finish…including a touch of dirty socks funkiness.

I like it, but in comparison to some other decent Pinots that have shown up at GO over the last few years, I feel that the price is a little steep.  So if you’re inclined to give it a try…buy it during the sale.


7 thoughts on “2009 Robert Oatley Mornington Peninsula Pinot Noir, Australia $8.99

  1. lim13 Post author

    Had another bottle of this tonight. Nothing much has changed since my original review; still showing great fruit and acidity with light tannins and typical black cherry flavors. I like it.

    1. jwc

      The ’11 vintage is here in Portland at $5.99. Nice PN, not doing cartwheels, as I drink a lot of excellent PN’s here in the Willamette Valley. For $6 a nice value.

  2. flitcraft

    Thanks for the timely review, lim13! I have enjoyed some of the lower priced PN’s available in the last several months (the Echelon and Jargon in particular) but they have tended to be bright, fruit-forward versions rather than the brooding, funkier Burgundian style. I like both, and will definitely try the Oatley version to scratch that itch. (Real Burgundy–at least decent stuff–is too rich for our one-income blood these days…)

    1. lim13 Post author

      Don’t get me wrong here, flitcraft. I think you’ll still find some bright fruit, but I believe it definitely has the funky qualities I didn’t find in the other Pinots you mentioned (that we both liked). PLEASE let me know what you think when you’ve tried a bottle.

  3. bin5

    Hi Lim13 – Quite the commentary on a thumbs up PN at GO for $7.20 being a bit “high priced”. I love GO! Thanks for the review, I will definitely give it a whirl.

    1. lim13 Post author

      I get what you’re saying here, bin5…about $7.20 being “high-priced” at GO. Tough position to be in, but we can handle it! :~) Actually, my comment was directed to the regular retail of $8.99 (compared to, for instance, the Echelon at $5.99).

  4. GOWineLover

    I thought I would just post here re: the 375ml Gloria Ferrer 2008 Pinot. Nice value for the money, even at full retail. For $8 per bottle, it’s not the best pinot deal ever at GO, nor can I comment on a comparison to Echelon or any other recent bottles mentioned here, but it is a true representation of the varietal in the region it’s made. Will definitely buy more.


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