2010 Tarkettle Road Paso Robles Cabernet Sauvignon, CA $8.99

Silverdale, WA    13.5% alc.    (Purchased on 4/9/14)

IMG_1463Mostly clear deep purple/garnet.  When first poured, I wasn’t terribly fond of this Cab; had difficulty finding anythig varietal about it.  But after an hour or two, it really opened up and changed drastically…showing cedar, dark chocolate, black plum and perhaps a bit of eucalyptus in the beautiful nose.  In the mouth, the tannins are very soft and accessible, but do lend structure and the acidity is right on (what can I say?  I’m a product of the 60’s/70’s).  The flavors show more chocolate, cedar and dark fruit.  Oddly, the tannins seem to surface more in the finish, but still in balance.  For me, this is a winner…fruit forward with oak in the background where it should be.  May hold well for 2-3 years, but…why?  Tastes great now.  (My apologies for the poor photo. Light colored print was tough to capture.)

For another view, Expat (one of our “regulars”) was not fond of this Cab.  You can check out his comments here.  I’m thinking that more air time might have improved your experience, Expat.  But again, maybe not.  Another contributor, Gary Valan thought the Cab was “outstanding”.  But he referenced it being from Alexander Valley…a completely different region from Paso Robles (Central Coast).  So now I’m curious…are there actually two different AVA Cabs from Tarkettle Road in our GO’s?



20 thoughts on “2010 Tarkettle Road Paso Robles Cabernet Sauvignon, CA $8.99

  1. Patricia Mcgrath

    I saw another AVA of Tarkettle Road n the Novato store today. It was Sonoma Coast. I think it was 2010

      1. Patricia

        I thought it was a cab but went back and checked and it is a 2011 Pinot Noir. I was looking for the 2010 Tarkettle Napa Cabernet Sauvignon.

      2. Darrell

        I tend not to buy vinted and bottled by wines, but I was impressed enough by the 2011 Tarkettle Sonoma Coast PN to buy some and haven’t had it since buying it on the sale and am glad I did. The nose is a complex blend of floral, perfumey PN and oak. PN flavor is there and very good, but the nose is just a tad more impressive than the flavor.

  2. Rod

    opened the Napa Valley Cab last night. Had a high vegetable scent and taste I associate with asparagus and over ripe Cab Francs. Let it sit open for 3 hours, then sucker corked it overnight. Just opened it at 3:30, and it has mellowed some. More like green bell pepper now.

    1. Darrell

      Made a sale run in the Bay area GO stores starting in the East Bay in Richmond and hitting Berkeley, Oakland, San Leandro, two Haywards and then S. San Jose, Meridian San Jose, Redwood City and finally SF. The inventory of the Tarkettle Road Cabs was surprising and uneven. Some stores had only the Paso Roble and others having the AV and not knowing about the Napa and those having no AV, but had the Napa. One had all three, Hayward off 880. According to GO, the Napa retailed for $30, the AV for $20 and the Paso for $18, I believe on the Paso. On wine-searcher, the AV runs $13.50, the Napa for $23, but saw it for $18 online and everything being equal, guess which one I bought for $8. Well having the two side by side, they aren’t equal. Rod, I concur totally with your evaluation of the Napa Valley Cab and all that green stuff is what I am looking for in any Cab or Bordeaux. Not sure how you felt about the wine, but the vegetal smells will age slowly away and will keep it distinct from overly woody or berryish, jammy type cabs. Some of the BV Clone 6 have this character to a small degree. When I first smelled the AV Cab, I thought I detected a similar greenish aroma to a lesser degree, but that quickly dissipated. An AVA is allowed use of up to 15% outside the AVA so I am a bit suspicious. In regards to Tarkettle Road wines, probably made and/or stored by Monterey Wine Co., those concerned make or blend a good and economical product. Being vinted and bottled by means the bottler made less than 10% to none of the wine. Hope this helps on the last day of the sale.

  3. PW

    The Salem OR GO had the Paso Robles version only. We picked up a few bottles, based on the reviews. lol Here’s hoping we like it.

    1. lim13 Post author

      Please check back in with your comments when you open one, PW. Based on Richard’s comments below about the Alexander Valley (which I’ve never tried…and probably won’t), I’d say this is the more accessible Cab of the three available. Ready for current consumption.

  4. PW

    I saw this today and meant to pick it up. Maybe when I drive through tomorrow, I’ll swing back by. It sounds like something we’d like.

  5. Richard

    Your description of the Paso cab makes sense. Paso usually produces cabs that are fruit forward rather than tannic and restrained

    1. Expat

      I had the Alexander Valley. Full disclosure – I didn’t give it much time to open up. I thought it was respectable just not as interesting as some other $10 GO cabs from the past. If I saw the Napa one I’d be tempted to snatch it.

      1. Richard

        The AV Tarkettle cab will not impress most people…..it’s too young and closed in…..not expressing much unless you let it breath in a decanter. Even then it’s tight. This is a wine that will impress in 2-3 years. It reminds me of the Phelan Cab that was at GO about 2-3 years ago. The Phelan was very closed in at the time of purchase. I tried a bottle last month and it was one of the best California cabs I’ve ever had (including many $100+ cabs at wine tastings). The Phelan was $15. I don’t believe that the AV Tarkettle will come close to equaling the Phelan but it will improve significantly…..if you’re patient 🙂

  6. Richard

    Looks like there are two Tarkettle cabs at Go; Paso Robles and Alexander Valley. I’ve tried 2 bottles of the Alexander Valley and it’s a tight, tannic cab that’s still very young and closed in. Yesterday I tried their Sauvignon Blanc ($6 at GO) and it also has a full bodied firm style of winemaking, so I’m guessing that is the style of the house. It’s no surprise then that the Paso Robles cab is a full bodied wine that needs a lot of time to breath and soften. At the current 20% off price the AV cab is a great value!

    1. BargainWhine

      Actually, there’s three Tarkettle Cabs, also a 2010 Napa Valley. One person in a GO wine aisle today told me that it’s actually lighter than the other two.

      1. lim13 Post author

        Thanks, BW. Can get a little confusing if all three aren’t found in the same store. Do I hear four?

      2. Richard

        If the Napa Tarkettle cab is lighter than the AV or PR, then it may be the best of the lot for current consumption. Once the AV cab comes round (maybe in 2-3 years), I expect it will be a very nice example of the earthy, chocolate characteristics of some AV cabs. Those qualities are beginning to show up in the wine now.

      3. editgrl

        The wine guy at the Roseville Square store also recommended the Napa Valley over the AV at this point. That store had both. West Sac has the Paso Robles.

    2. lim13 Post author

      Appreciate the quick reply, Richard. I’d like to try both Cabs, but haven’t seen the AV up here in WA yet. And the Paso will keep me quite satisfied. I’m not sure I’d call it full-bodied; it’s really more of a well-balanced finesse type Cab…just very tight in structure, so time in the glass (or decanter if that’s your thing) helps immensely. And by the way, BargainWhine reviewed the Sauv Blanc here and the Lodi Zinfandel here.


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