2010 Ste. Chapelle Snake River Valley Late Harvest Riesling, Idaho $3.99

Silverdale, WA    12.5% alc.    375 ml.    (Purchased on 4/9/14)

IMG_1470Brilliant medium golden color.  Just like the 2008, the nose is delightful…sweet, honeyed, peaches, nectarines and apricots.  I could smell it for hours and not have even a sip (o.k., I’m exaggerating slightly).  In the mouth it’s thick, but not syrupy, smooth, quite sweet (but at about 16 percent residual sugar, not quite as sweet as the 2008) and equally as delicious.  The flavors match the fruits of the bouquet…mainly yellw/orange stone fruits.  The acidity balances the sugar.

Another wonderful sweet, delicious dessert Riesling from a producer who consistently knows how to do it well.  Peaches in lemon-touched syrup lingers in the finish.  Grab a bottle or three of this treat and pour it nice and cold over fresh grilled skinned peaches in the summer.  Add a plop of vanilla ice cream too!  Should note also that the alcohol on this one is slightly higher than the 2008 and the price is a buck more (which is still incredibly reasonable for what you’re getting).


10 thoughts on “2010 Ste. Chapelle Snake River Valley Late Harvest Riesling, Idaho $3.99

  1. PW

    Picked this up today too. I nearly didn’t because I don’t really gravitate towards sweet wines but the reviews made it worth trying. Going to save it for a nice summer day…maybe it’ll balance out some of those sweet farmer’s market fruits.

  2. Patricia

    I picked up a bottle of 2011 Ste.Chapelle Snake River Special Harvest Riesling. Is Special Harvest a Late Harvest?

    1. Darrell

      Saw the same bottle, but the above bottle is probably much sweeter seeing the residual sugar Lim mentions. The 2011 Ste.Chapelle Snake River Special Harvest Riesling doesn’t mention RS I believe.

  3. lim13 Post author

    Glad you liked it, Keith…and that case didn’t cost you much more than one bottle of the SB! Like your food match suggestions too. Hard to find Gjetost eaters. My father-in-law would be proud…he’s from Norway and 92 years old! We love our Gjetost…especially the sweeter dark brown that’s hard to find. In which GO did you find the wine?

    1. flitcraft

      Ah, gjetost…I have a small scar on my left hand from a cheese shaving incident many years ago involving gjetost cheese. I believe alcohol was involved…

  4. Keith

    We just bought a case. It is good. Not as good as, let’s say, Sokol Blosser Late Harvest but SB is $34 a bottle so the price is right. Skip dessert and serve with honey crisp apple and Machengo or Gjetost cheese


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