2012 Wines of Substance Cabernet Sauvignon

Columbia Valley, WA
13.8% alc.
$10 at Renton, WA (before the sale price)

20140411_072601_resized (2)Both the Merlot and Syrah version from this label have been previously reviewed. I liked both of those wines so I sprang for the extra bucks to try this one with some expectations coming along with it.

Dark garnet in color. Pretty closed nose with cherry, light spice, and an off smell I couldn’t place. Cherry and plum on the palate with cocoa and slight spice. Nice balance of fine tannins and acidity in the finish. The off note in the nose however kept creeping up and I don’t know if I was too focused on it, but it kept me from really enjoying this wine (although the bottle did get finished). I give it a drinkable, but my money is on the Merlot and Syrah at a better price point and there are better Cabernets out there.


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