Eco Terreno 2010 Three Vine Red

Alexander Valley, Sonoma County, CA
56% Merlot, 32% Cabernet Franc, 12% Petite Verdot; 13.8% ABV
$10 at the Oakland, CA, store on 11 Apr

EcoTerreno_2010_ThreeVineRedThis wine looked quite promising, made from three Bordeaux grapes including a good portion of Petite Verdot, in a region where they can make good wines, in an excellent year.  However, it turns out it’s made in a style I don’t like very much.

On opening, the wine immediately shows ripely sweet red fruit with strong vanilla / oak, overall with a rather candied character.  It darkens over a couple hours of air in a decanter to show flavors of red cherry, darker cherry / redder blackberry, and raspberry, still with the same sweet candy nature and reasonably balancing acid.  Although I don’t like this kind of wine, I think many people do.  Given that, this wine is pretty tasty and solidly made, so I’ll nonetheless go with Thumbs Up.


5 thoughts on “Eco Terreno 2010 Three Vine Red

  1. Rod

    Wow, individual taste buds are a crazy thing. I did not pick up on any of that. I found a light red oak(my association from the red center smell of oak logs I split), a little pepper and some tobacco. This was all on 1st pour.

  2. RW

    For the first day, I had the same/similar comments as BW and Richard. However, it’s quite different on the second day (left half in the bottle, even with no stopper). It darkened (quite a lot, comparing to the initial pour) and got much more rounded and tasty. It may improve with some time in cellar?

    1. BargainWhine Post author

      Hi RW and thanks for sharing your experience. I agree this wine may become better with age. Although I agree it’s pretty substantial, it seemed a little disjoint, and I wasn’t sure if it would meld together with age or fall apart. However, the results of your experiment point toward the former. I saved a single-glass screw-cap bottle and drank it a couple nights ago. It seemed much the same as it was on the first night, but this storage method exposes the wine to much less air than just leaving it in the bottle.

  3. Richard

    I have similar comments….too much vanilla (American oak) and a candied flavor. Not my idea of a good merlot/cab franc/petite verdot blend. Had it two nights in a row and it was consistent. Not a thumbs up for me, especially at $10.

    1. BargainWhine Post author

      Hi Richard. Since I haven’t tried it “the next day,” I’m relieved to hear it was much the same, although sorry to hear you didn’t find wine you liked this time.


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