2013 Mosaic Chardonnay

Alexander Valley, WA
13.8% alc.
$9 at Renton, WA (purchased 4/14/14)

20140415_184522_resized (2)The Mosaic wines have generally received good press, especially the cabernets. I figured this was worth a try and picked one up during the sale.

The first wiff of this wine had me looking at the label again as it smelled like a sauvignon blanc. Lot’s of citrus with an herbal grassiness in the nose. Crisp on the palate and good acidity with lemon chiffon, herbs, and a little creaminess. The finish had a slightly bitter note. It has the character of a tank fermented wine with no or little oak. It is well made and very stylistic and certainly not a typical California chardonnay with the herbaceous component. I think this would age well and soften and be pretty interesting with the right food. I might just buy another bottle and lay it down for a few years just for fun. I am torn between drinkable and thumbs up and the price point is a little on the high side for GO. I would be really interested in anyone else’s opinion on this one.


One thought on “2013 Mosaic Chardonnay

  1. Ronald Piazza

    At $7.99 a bottle in Santa Rosa I too decided to give it a try. Butterscotch and fresh melon in the nose, medium body, good varietal character, true to the Alexander Valley. Given that there are so many overpriced Chardonnays this wine offers good value at the paid price, nothing spectacular here but decent for a Sonoma County Chardonnay under $15. and probably would please the casual drinker.


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