Ca’ Momi “Ca’ Rosa” sparkling rosé

California; 11.5% ABV
$5 at the Richmond, CA, store on 28 Apr

CaMomiCaRosaDuring the recent sale, I met someone in the Oakland GO wine aisle who was also enthusiastic about the 2013 Midsummer Cellars Grenache rosé (also $5).  This person cleaned out what was left of this sparkling rosé at the Oakland store.  That made me curious enough to try a bottle when I saw it still at the Richmond store.

However, I can’t say I liked this wine as much as he did.  It’s full and fruity – with flavors of ripe strawberry, raspberry, orange, and cantaloupe (to use the word from the producer’s web site), but with a slightly browned (oxidized?) character.  As well, it strikes me as not having enough acid and carbonation to balance the ripe fruit.  While dry, it’s not as extra-dry as the Midsummer Grenache rosé.  Overall, it’s tasty, but not something I’m that enthusiastic about.


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