Roblar 2012 Pinot Noir

California; 13.5% ABV
bottled by Roblar Winery and Vineyards, Healdsburg, CA
$6 at the Richmond, CA, store on 14 May

Roblar_2012_PinotNoirThis wine started out by showing a lot of things I like in a Pinot Noir: full-flavored darker red cherry fruit with complexities of orange and dried herbs.  However, increasingly as it aired, much of the cherry tasted to me like artificial candy, heading toward cough drop.  Since some here liked the 2010 Patassy Pinot Noir, and I disliked it for similar reasons to my dislike for this wine, I’ll venture to say that if you liked the Patassy, you may well like this wine.  However, while I could see how the Patassy might improve with age, I would not recommend aging this wine at all.  At some moments, it already tastes like it’s heading over the hill.  Since I’m probably overly picky about Pinot Noir, and many folks will probably like this, I’ll say Drinkable.  However, especially after it had been open 2 to 3 hours, I found it pretty gross.


5 thoughts on “Roblar 2012 Pinot Noir

  1. PW

    Well, we tried this tonight. I agree with the “drinkable” barely.
    I’m used to Willamette Valley Pinot and while I have found a few outside the region that I like very much, they have usually had a lot more to offer than this wine. It didn’t really evolve (except in a bad way…) to help it. Just a lot like thicker Kool-aid as it evolved. Not a fan. Liked it better fresh from the bottle but there was absolutely nothing to recommend it. Fruity (tasted more strawberry but grape juice & cherry underneath) but that was it. No spices, no heat, no licorice or vanilla…just nothing pinot-like to give it 3 dimensions. I kept waiting for it. Sometimes it felt like it almost might change into something pleasing but it didn’t. My husband said that it tasted like it was right on the cusp of being pinot noir but didn’t make it…like your palette is waiting to taste it but it doesn’t get there. The reason that I rated it drinkable was that there wasn’t anything really unpleasant in it either to make me sip and spit…though I only had a tiny glass to go with dinner. Won’t finish it and glad I only bought one.

  2. PW

    Well dang. I picked this up today (just one bottle) after seeing it (or rather the Santa Rita Hills version) sells at their website for $40 (couldn’t find this one…same vintage just lacking that sub-appellation). I am a bit depressed to find it was so unpalatable to you.

  3. Expat

    Had the Syrah last night. Decent – the definition of Drinkable. More red fruit than black -mostly cherry and none of the smoky, meaty, dark traits I often find (and like) in Syrah. Some fruit but not fruity with decent acidity. For $5 it was a perfectly fine deal but just not a memorable wine.


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