2011 Muriel Tempranillo

Rioja, Spain
13.5% alc.
$6 at Renton, WA (purchased 5/10/15)

20140516_184350_1_resized (2)This wine is imported by Quintessential Wines. Looking them up on the internet showed a portfolio that included other wines seen at GO such as Leaping Horse Vineyards, Ironstone, and Henry’s Drive. This wine is 100% Tempranillo from 20 year old vines and spent four months in new American oak.

Vibrant ruby red in color, pleasant nose of red and black fruits, licorice, tobacco, and olive tapenade. Very soft on the palate with light acid and tannins. Meat, tomato, spice, and green pepper flavors. After the better part of an hour it gave up some blackberry and plum fruit. At first I liked this wine, and then it was a little to veggie for me, and then came back again. An interesting wine in how it kept changing, but lacked fruit to balance out the other flavors to go to the next level. It is a drinkable wine and had some appeal to me, however not enough to buy more.


4 thoughts on “2011 Muriel Tempranillo

  1. Delmartian1

    I must admit I’m somewhat surprised by the previous comments. Sorry that I waited so long to open this one. I paired it with a hearty beef stew thinking that being a 2011, the tannins would not have mellowed yet…but I was wrong…it was smoother than I expected and although “thinner” than most Riojas I’ve had in the past, was quite delightful. I expect I’ll go and pick up a half dozen if they still have any left down here in San Diego County.

    1. PW

      Glad you liked it 🙂
      I’m often surprised at the comments (both good and bad ones) re: the wines I’ve looked up in here. But that’s the beauty of wine (to me anyway)…the variations of likes and dislikes…why we like what we do…what we can or cannot taste in it. And, the spectrum is often so varied according to everyone’s personal preference/tastes. But the best part about GO is that when someone actually does like one of the wines, the value can’t be beat.

  2. PW

    Your description was very good. We didn’t like this one at all…didn’t give it a chance to get to any fruit…after about 30 min, we just gave up. The green pepper was really overwhelming to me (but I think I’m super sensitive to that smell/taste and will give up on a wine that is strong with it, faster than anything) and it’s not something I expected in tempranillo. It was also missing all the things I like in tempranillo…spicy, hint of leather and a balanced fruit to savory taste.

    1. bin5 Post author

      Good point PW, I would have never guessed Tempranillo in a blind tasting. Not sure what I would have said.


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