Ste Chapelle 2008 Cabernet Sauvignon “Winemaker’s Series”

Snake River Valley, Idaho; 13.5% ABV
$6 at the Richmond, CA, store on 14 May

SteChapelle_2008_CabSauvI’ve enjoyed a number of Rieslings from Ste Chapelle, but I couldn’t recall having tried any of their reds, so I picked up this wine and finally opened it last night.  Although my curiosity was satisfied, I can’t say my lust for wine was particularly.

The wine has a lighter medium body, with pleasantly complex red fruits (cherry, red plum, pomegranate) and a nice earthy aged complexity.  It was pretty much tasty right away, but darkened and filled out some as it aired.  It’s also slightly too old, with a faint vinegary aspect, so I wouldn’t recommend either waiting to drink it or drinking it over more than one day.  The wine’s being a less substantial example of Cabernet, plus its being a little too old, make me think you can do a lot better for $6 at the GO.


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