2010 Thomas Scott Grand Reserve Sonoma County Chardonnay, CA $4.99

Silverdale, WA    14.5% alc.    (Purchased on 6/5/14)

IMG_1591Brilliant, pale medium green/golden.  Full fruit pear and lemon/lime citrus nose with very restrained (if any) oak.  It’s soft and lush on the palate; almost on the flabby precipice.  But there’s enough acidity to brighten it up and balance it out.  Also tastes like there may be some residual sugar, which only adds to the fruitiness.  Flavors are more pear and citrus with spice…and the back label accurately describes it this way as well.  Somewhat reminiscent of the Marlo RRV Chardonnay that I really liked, but softer and fruitier.  This should be a crowd pleaser for gatherings.  If there’s still some  at my local GO, I’ll be returning for a few more.  BTW, nice enough packaging with a real cork.

When I Googled the Thomas Scott website noted on the back label, it took me to  the site for L2S (Love to Share Wine) home page.  Looks like a corporation with four production facilities, somewhat similar to Precept Brands (another GO “partner”) here in WA.  They apparently also produce Napa Trail Napa wines and First Vine California wines.  I suspect all are moderately priced for a large audience.  This Thomas Scott Chardonnay reminded me of Kendall-Jackson’s mid-level Chardonnay…also, interestingly enough called Grand Reserve…a term that is pretty much meaningless, but looks good on a label.


3 thoughts on “2010 Thomas Scott Grand Reserve Sonoma County Chardonnay, CA $4.99

  1. PW

    We had this tonight (crab cakes dinner…seemed apropos). It was very nice. Chardonnay is not tops on either of our lists but we tend to prefer reds to whites in general. Makes me think I’m going to like the Marlo (which I also picked up at the same time as this) for when we just need a white…

    My favorite part about this was that it didn’t move over into the cloyingly-sweet side. It was fruity and not really dry but not really sweet either. I kept waiting for that sweet shift and it didn’t happen, thankfully. My second favorite thing was that the body was very nice…not thin and again, not that viscous-syrupy texture that I’ve come to despise in a lot of whites.

  2. lim13 Post author

    Thanks, Seedboy…and glad to see it’s down your way in CA too. Didn’t appear to be a whole lot of it at my store in Silverdale, WA…but that could change.

  3. seedboy

    This is a pretty good description of this wine, which I saw Sunday at the Oakland store for $3.99.


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