2011 Feeding Frenzy Chardonnay

Healdsburg, CA
13.2% alc.
$4 at Skyway, WA (purchased 6/5/12)

20140611_154052_resized (2)So I like to think I’m not a label drinker. Label drinking was usually reserved for people who would be influenced by the status of the label in how they felt about the wine. So with this wine, I humbly realized that I am a label drinker, only somewhat of the opposite of the old definition. With the proliferation of cutesy wine names to grab our attention, I tend to leave these wines on the shelf (unless I know the producer). So Feeding Frenzy was right up there with wines to avoid, however the store owners of Renton and Skyway told me to give this one a try and so I worked through my bias because they have good palates.

Clean nose of lemon-lime, kumquat, and a touch of vanilla spice. Crisp mouth feel with good acidity and dryness. The nose carries over with additional tastes of apple, lemon, peach, and light oak. I was pleasantly surprised by this wine and it is a very nice quaff. It won’t knock your socks off, but it is pleasant and unassuming. Nothing not to like here for the $4 price tag. It’s been around for a while and there seems to be plenty still out there. I guess I should be more open to silly names. Thumbs up and a good summer picnic and party wine if you can get past the label.

3 thoughts on “2011 Feeding Frenzy Chardonnay

  1. BargainWhine

    Hi Bin5. I have also avoided these Feeding Frenzy wines like plague, so thanks for being willing to take the recommendation and try this Chardonnay. I also hate the label, and very often the silly-named, California-designated (as opposed to a more specific region of CA) wines I have tried were not worth it for me. I’m glad to hear this is an exception. Did the store managers have any opinions on the other FF wines?

      1. bin5 Post author

        I did pick up another chardonnay to try again. I don’t know how many times I have bought an inexpensive wine and then tried it again and wonder what I was thinking or tasting the first time around. If something is different I’ll let everyone know.


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