2012 Tool Box Kitchen Essentials Red Wine

20140610_140546_resized (2)North Coast, CA
13.2% alc.
$6 at Renton, WA (purchased 6/10/14)

One of the few new wines to show up recently so I thought I would take a chance and maybe find a surprise since 2012 in CA is supposed to be a great year. It took a little digging to find out anything on this wine as the website on the back label goes to some Asian site. I looked up the owners name – Jeff Hill and found the following:

Hill Wine Company has acquired Toolbox Wine Company and Thirst Wine Company, based in Napa. Toolbox and Thirst were owned by Nancy Otton and Katie Shafer, which founded the wines in 2009. Hill believes these brands will allow the Jeff Hill Wine Group to continue to grow its portfolio with value-added brands. Toolbox and Thirst joins Jeff Hill Wine Groups list of brands: Jeff Hill, Hill Wine Company and Little Rascals, which are managed nationally by Aerovin.

Purple tinged garnet in color. Bright red fruit on the nose. Flavors of cherry and raspberry on palate with bright acid. A very pure fruit wine with no oak. Very young wine with good minerality and soft tannins in the finish. Has a young Beaujolais character to it. I tried it the next day and it held up and got a little better. A wine that I think would benefit from a couple years and might be interesting, but I will pass. Lim13 had this to say at his store tasting (I assume from a little plastic cup); “The wine had texture and some tannin; lots of fruity flavors; tastes off-dry; no idea of the varieties involved”.


4 thoughts on “2012 Tool Box Kitchen Essentials Red Wine

  1. permiesworld

    We did end up picking up another bottle and almost a year later, it is a much better wine. Less harsh and disjointed. Didn’t really need aerating but was even better after about an hour in the glass.

  2. lim13

    I did indeed have it from a tiny plastic cup (think Nyquil) at Bremerton. But I take my own wine glass to the Silverdale tastings…long story. Your description seems along the lines of what I found, Bin5. I’d be less inclined to age it though (due to the level of forward fruit) and would treat it more like the “enjoyable quaff” that PW notes.

    1. lim13

      BTW…nice job on the winery ownership research! Thanks, bin5. Still wish I knew what the blend of grapes is.

  3. PW

    This wine was a lot better than I ever expected QPR wise. Especially given the name/label etc. I agree, I think it has a lot of potential. I aerated it and with some air, found was very drinkable now as well. Not a lot of dimensions to me but an enjoyable quaff. For the price, if it’s still around, I will pick up another.


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