Nonno Guiseppe 2003 Zinfandel “Neese Vineyards”

Redwood Valley, Mendocino County, CA; 14.8% ABV
$5 at the Berkeley, CA, store on 1 July; only one more bottle there at the time

2003_NG_ZinOn today’s trip to the Berkeley store, I did not see any new wines yet, but I did get a couple that commenters here have liked, including this wine.  It’s been around for a while, but I had ignored it since I thought the 2002 NG Zin was good but not exciting.  This vintage is similar in some ways but more lively.

This wine was pretty tasty right away, perhaps smoothing out some after about 30 minutes in a decanter.  It has flavors of jammy red raspberry with a little black raspberry, and a nice aged complexity of caramel / light earth / dried orange peel.  The ripe fruit is balanced by zesty acid of those fruits and a slight, mildly bitter, herbal finish.  Although it’s still not my favorite Zin, considering other $5 GO Zins of late, it’s pretty good for the price.

As I believe someone else here wrote recently, the available selection today seemed like odds and ends cleaned out from previously hidden corners of warehouses, so maybe inventory levels are indeed getting low enough to accommodate some new wines soon.


4 thoughts on “Nonno Guiseppe 2003 Zinfandel “Neese Vineyards”

  1. roger emigh

    I got a bottle today for $7 in Florence and agree with BargainWhine, I find nothing bad about this wine, has some good solid flavors, and for the price, a decent value. I meant to grab the Cabernet but got the Zin by mistake, after seeing the other reviews, very happy I ended up with the Zin…

    1. BargainWhine Post author

      Hi Roger. Thanks for your report and I’m glad to hear this wine is still doing okay, since it has shown up again in GOs near me.

  2. jwc

    It’s $7 here in Portland, and isn’t moving either. I have picked up both the Dawson Creek NV zinfandel and red blend which have been reduced to $3 & $4 respectively. These are surprisingly decent efforts, I like the zin especially. It won’t wow anyone, but for a week night wine, nice enough.


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