2012 Nieto Senetiner Reserva Pinot Noir, Mendoza, Argentina $4.99

Silverdale, WA    14% alc.    (Purchased on 7/3/14)

IMG_1615Mostly clear, dark ruby and on the darker end of the color spectrum for Pinot Noir.  Nose shows dark Bing cherry, cinnamon and a sort of stereotypical California-type PN color and aroma profile.   In the mouth it’s initially somewhat hot from the slightly elevated alcohol.  But the flavors are undeniably Pinot and the extract is more pronounced than I think I was expecting from a Pinot from Argentina.  Not sure why I thought that though because I believe the climate can get pretty warm in the Mendoza region, which would produce more extracted, concentrated reds.

The flavors show fairly intense black cherry with the faintest hint of stemminess and more cinnamon followed by a slight bitterness in the long, flavorful finish.  There’s a pretty hefty amount of tannin here and the acidity is just right for me.  For five bucks this is a pretty decent Pinot, unless you’re into the more subtle, restrained lighter styles of the grape.  And I suspect it would benefit from a few years in the cellar.  Screwtop too…I like it!  bin5 reviewed the 2009 Chardonnay from this producer here.


3 thoughts on “2012 Nieto Senetiner Reserva Pinot Noir, Mendoza, Argentina $4.99

  1. RockRat

    We like this one, too. I mostly agree with your notes, but would characterize the spice note as one of allspice (cuz it has a little clove in it), and rather than bitter, we found it earthy. Two notes of secondary complexity and a longish finish for $5? Sign us up! We bought a few, and will likely get more. Curious what you think will show up with more cellaring.

    1. lim13 Post author

      I’m hoping that a couple years will soften the tannins a bit and diminish the bitterness that I clearly found in my bottle. But it’s drinking very nicely right now. Glad you enjoyed it, RR.


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