NV Penny Stamp Reggiano Lambrusco, Reggio Emilia, Italy $5.99

Silverdale, WA    8.5% alc.    (Purchased on 7/13/14)

IMG_1628For those who may be unaware, it’s made from the Lambrusco grape.  Opaque deep, dark purple with a very slight bead of spritz (frizzante’) up the center of the glass.  Nose is somewhat closed, but shows dark plum and blackberries.  In the mouth, it bubbles slightly on the tongue then disappates quickly, leaving a certain richness and gentle tannins that coat the palate.  More flavors of dark plum, fresh blackberries and black currant.  This Lambrusco is slightly sweet, but more toward the dry side than any I’ve ever had and there’s enough acidity to cut that slight bit of sugar.  Served very cold (as recommended on the label), I actually enjoyed this wine quite a bit.  A simple, refreshing red for warm summer days.

GO Winelover mentioned that TJ’s and Fresh & Easy are selling this wine for the same price or less.  So in CA…check that out.  However, I haven’t seen it in my local TJ’s here in Silverdale, WA and there are no Fresh & Easy stores up here.


11 thoughts on “NV Penny Stamp Reggiano Lambrusco, Reggio Emilia, Italy $5.99

  1. lim13 Post author

    My wife and I polished off the last few ounces of this from the refrigerator tonight and had another nostalgic memory revived. The aromas were distinctly yeasty, so it took me back to some of my earliest visits to wineries as well as our own 10 year home winemaking experiences. Smelled just like new wine in the fermentation stage.

  2. flitcraft

    Ah, lambrusco, that brings back memories of post-college adventures in “fancy foreign” wine-drinking like Mateus and lambrusco…What with the recent spurt of hot weather in the PNW, a non-serious drink-it-chilled red is always welcome. (Unless, like me, you take your cheapest but not undrinkable GO reds and make tinto de verano in summer–mix red wine half and half with a Sprite-like soft drink if you like it sweet, or that Italian limonata or its orange doubleganger if you like it less sweet. Serve with plenty of ice, marcona almonds or huge Spanish green olives on the side recommended but optional.)

    1. lim13 Post author

      One might add Lancer’s and Blue Nun to your first sentence, flitcraft. : ~) And I couldn’t agree more with your comment about “non-serious drink-it-chilled reds” during our recent hot, sunny weather streak. My mother always enjoyed a nice tinto de verano, but she called it a wine cooler or spritzer.

      1. lim13 Post author

        Really appreciate the link, GOWL. It was an interesting read. And I’m all for anything that helps to breakdown the snob appeal walls that often surround wine and the wine industry. It was fun reading the references to Emilia Romagna too. That’s one of my favorite regions in Italy. About 10 years ago, my wife and I stayed in Bologna and I had set up private tours for the two of us with Parmagiano, Prosciutto and Balsamico producers. We ate lots of great food and drank simple, delightful wines. Those were among our favorite few days on a three week excursion to northern Italy.

        1. GOWineLover

          I happened to come across it searching for more info on this wine. Glad it resonated and brought back good memories. Am trying to figure out a good itinerary for a 2 week trip to Italy in October without Rome/Venice/Florence.

        2. lim13 Post author

          I would HIGHLY recommend the Cinque Terra! Check out Rick Steves; it’s one of his favorite places. We did it on foot and train with backpacks. Simple table wines, great pesto and excellent fresh seafood.

  3. Mike Koleszar

    Thank you very much for your reviews. I purchased a bottle from the Seaside, CA location for $5. My wife and I enjoyed it very much. Local Trader Joes stores have a different lambrusco also for $5 and also very tasty.

    1. lim13 Post author

      Always happy to provide reviews, Mike…but particularly so when it helps folks find a bottle of something they really enjoy. Your comments are much appreciated…and thanks for reemphasizing the info about TJ’s Lambrusco.

  4. GOWineLover

    Not exactly the same…just other versions at same or slightly cheaper pricing. Even saw a 1.5L bottle in Wal greens for $10…


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