2012 Ashlyn’s Vineyard Private Reserve Red, Columbia Valley, WA $6.99

Silverdale, WA    13.9% alc.    (Purchased on 7/13/14)

IMG_1630Clear medium garnet; nose is a bit earthy, but shows plenty of berryish raspberry and some blackberry fruit; no obvious signs of oak in the nose.  In the mouth, the first thing I notice is fairly high acidity (as in cooler climate grapes) and firm, though not particularly big tannins.  The flavor profile is really more red fruit than black i.e. the aforementioned raspberrries, cranberries and underripe red plum.  It’s tasty enough, has nice fruit, is low on oak and gives an old world impression.  To me, it seems similar to the last vintage…so I’m thinking mainly Syrah again.  If it’s Cab, it tastes like young vines in that (to me) it lacks ripeness, body and definition.

Very similar to the 2011 vintage, but with far less oak in the flavors (which I prefer).  Should be a fine food wine and may age well (due to the acidity, but I’d drink it with food right now).  Not my preferred style of red, but tasty nonetheless…and reader Roger Emigh really liked it (which is why I gave it a try).  Thanks, Roger!

4 thoughts on “2012 Ashlyn’s Vineyard Private Reserve Red, Columbia Valley, WA $6.99

  1. Tyler

    Love this wine! I only drink reds and think it’s a great choice for someone who is not a big fan of reds. Tart enough to make it a red but sweet enough to keep drinking.

    1. lim13 Post author

      Happy to hear that you enjoyed it, Tyler. In which GO did you purchase it? I believe I saw a stack of it at my local Silverdale store today…eight months after writing my review.

        1. lim13 Post author

          Thanks for getting back to us, Tyler. I didn’t even know there were GO’s in Everett and Marysville. I believe you’re the first “contributor” to the blog from those areas.


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