2012 Ashlyn’s Vineyard Columbia Valley Malbec, WA $6.99

Silverdale, WA    13.3% alc.    (Purchased on 7/13/14)

IMG_1631Clear medium ruby/garnet; a little paler than I expected from a Malbec, but it seems to have mysteriously darkened in the glass in a couple of hours time (must be some metaphysical thing).  Rather aromatic in the nose, showing green olive and green peppercorn qualities as well as subtle raspberry nuance.  In the mouth, there’s a fair amount of sweet tasting red berry/cherry fruit on the front of the palate and very nice acidity from beginning to end.  To my taste, it’s more balanced than the red blends that I’ve reviewed from this producer.  Shows medium tannins and a medium-length finish.

As Washington State Malbecs go, this is really pretty tasty and costs about five to six times less than most WA Malbecs.  It’s not particularly complicated and hardly rich and full-bodied, but it should do quite well with simple beef and pork dishes (though I don’t recommend it with barbecue-sauced foods, as it was a bit too light for the somewhat sweet pulled pork and brisket that my wife and I had it with).


7 thoughts on “2012 Ashlyn’s Vineyard Columbia Valley Malbec, WA $6.99

  1. Doug Roberts

    Yes I am the wine maker/owner/employee 🙂 It’s just my wife and I and our kids which we label the wine after. So it is a true family operation. If your store has tasting days then possibly we can come out to that store and do a tasting?

    1. lim13 Post author

      For me, it’s always refreshing to find family-run operations in the wine industry. In regard to tastings, Doug…our stores here in Kitsap County (Bremerton and Silverdale) are operated by the same owners and usually have tastings about once a month. However, those of us who write for this blog have no actual connection to Grocery Outlet. So for you to do a tasting, you would need to contact the owners directly. Here’s a link to their Silverdale homepage:
      http://www.groceryoutlet.com/Silverdale-WA/ Good luck! It would be great to have winery tastings conducted by the winery staff/owners…something I’ve never seen at GO’s here.

      1. Doug Roberts

        @JWC, we don’t have the Malbec in Ptown yet. Only in Washington right now. We have our Red Blend in Oregon right now and it should be priced the same. It is Syrah based with Cab and Merlot and some Barbera. But the Malbec hopefully will be coming soon? Possibly tell your GO owners to order it:)

  2. Doug Roberts

    Lim 13, Thanks for the review! Our goal is for easy drinking type of wines. We are not huge vineyard in Chelan,WA by any means and provide you a boutique wine at a commodity price!

    1. lim13 Post author

      Thanks, Doug. I hope to get to meet you sometime at Chelan or Woodinville. I believe I asked this before…are you the winemaker? owner? winery employee?

  3. jwc

    Will look for this Lim13, normally WA. Malbecs are priced in the stratosphere compared to Argentina or France, the quality price point ratio just didn’t make sense vs the others. Hope to see on Portland.


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