NV Ogio Prosecco, Italy $6.99

Silverdale, WA    11% alc.    (Purchased on 7/22/14)

IMG_1635Attractive package.  Brilliant pale straw with plenty of tiny bubbles, but so-so mousse and medium body.  The nose shows more earthy European aromas and less of the forward fruit one often finds in domestic bubblies.  In the mouth it foams slightly and tends to dissippate quickly; the flavors are more earthiness like gravel and flintstone with a definite peach pit/bitter almond quality.  The finish suggests a sizable dosage, as it shows (to my taste) more than a hint of sweetness.  While it’s tasty enough and easy to quaff, it’s just a bit too simple (and a little too sweet) for me.  This Italian sparkler would likely work best at a wedding or similar celebration for folks of varied tastes.  Think “talk dry, drink sweet”.

BargainWhine reviewed the Ogio 2011 Pinot Grigio here.


4 thoughts on “NV Ogio Prosecco, Italy $6.99

  1. permiesworld

    We had this tonight. You rated it higher than I would. For my taste, it’s a thumbs down. I tasted a lot of yeast. (It didn’t taste off…just very yeasty.) And I’m not sure if there is residual sugars but it tasted like it. And neither balanced the other out. All the little bubbles (yes, our bottle was like that too…lots of tiny bubbles) just made me feel like there was too much added yeast.

    We decided to have it with a semi-sweet breakfast dinner, but that didn’t work to balance it either. It just made it taste bitter. I see where you got the gravel taste…it was extremely mineral-y to me.

    We learned to love mimosas when we were in Hawaii. This is the type of wine that I wouldn’t mind adulterating with OJ. I’m surprised too. I really liked the Ogio Tuscan…thought it was a killer buy. But not a fan of this.

    1. lim13 Post author

      I like yeastiness, which is probably why I enjoy true Champagne…but can’t afford it. They tend to have stronger bread dough character in the nose and flavors. I gave it a “Drinkable” because we generally only do “Thumbs Down” for wines that are obviously flawed, PW. But I didn’t go running back to the store for more either. Thanks for your report.

      1. PW

        Interesting. Re: thumbs down. I wasn’t aware of that…

        I’m really not a fan of the yeast/dough taste, not when it’s over powering to the other components I guess. I don’t mind if it’s “supporting cast” to a very drinkable wine. I’m a big fan of the components complementing each other.

        Regarding true Champagne, I have enjoyed it but in all honesty, well before I understood or appreciated wine to any degree at all. It’s not in my day to day budget either.

  2. PW

    Blast. I was just at the store looking for some more of that Cantere Prosecco. Saw this instead. I googled but it didn’t hit on this site… I was hoping for another dry one. Ah well….


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