NV Meld California Red Table Wine $4.99

Silverdale, WA    12.5% alc.     (Purchased on 7/22/14)

IMG_1638Back label says it’s a blend of Zinfandel, Merlot, Cabernet Sauvignon and Petite Sirah.  Funny thing, but when I pulled the plastic cork from the bottle, I got a strong smell of clove from the underside of the cork.  Winemaker a chef or baker?  Someone spill some clove oil in the corking machine?  Anyway, I detected no clove aromas or flavors in this non-vintage Cali red.

Found little info on the web, but it appears this label is produced by Adler Fels in Sonoma County and that they also produce a NV white that (according to a Tennessee distributor) received a 90 from Wine Enthusiast magazine.  But then when it’s NV, who knows which NV that might have been?   Here’s a link to a review of the white that I found.

Brilliant medium ruby color; fruity, understated raspberry nose.  Sweet on the front of the tongue, it displays what BW might describe as a little candyish or (to me) candy apple flavors along with slight raspberry and perhaps some cranberry.  There’s some rough tannin…likely from the Petite Sirah, which gives it body in the finish.  There’s something I liked about this red after the first slurp, but I can’t put my finger on what that might be because it immediately disappeared.  The downside for me is nothing about the wine is accentuated…not the nose, not the flavors.  It’s incredibly indistinct, yet completely inoffensive.  You can coax some flavor from it if you suck a lot of air while sipping.  I did find that some wine shop in north Jersey sold it out on sale for $8.99 (regularly $13.99).  But I don’t really feel that five bucks for this red at GO is a bargain.  As I recall, reader and regular contibutor Flitcraft was not particularly enamored of this wine either.


3 thoughts on “NV Meld California Red Table Wine $4.99

  1. EHL

    Got a bottle of this Meld red blend to checkout, mainly because of the petite sirah mix, and noted upon opening that it was smooth drinking but a little on the sweet side for my tastes. Mixed in half of the 375 ml Cicchitti Malbec from GO’s recent sale, an Argentine wine that on its own is rough, too tannic and unremarkable, and it significantly improved the Meld blend…..LOL…..had to get rid of the Cicchitti Malbec somehow.

    This bottle is alright, but definitely not at the same level as the Un4seen and Four Star red blends…..and costs an extra dollar more too boot.


  2. seedboy

    My impression of Adler Fels is that it is a negociant – it buys wine, maybe blends it and maybe doesn’t, bottles it and sells it. Sort of like that big operation in American Canyon. Both of these operations supply a lot of GO wines. As regular readers know, I tend to avoid these wines in favor of wines that come from real wineries.

    1. lim13 Post author

      Appreciate the info, SB. You provided me cause to check it out and this website indicates you’re pretty much right on the money. Last time I had any contact with Adler Fels was in the early 80’s when they were still small and family owned…and the CA wine industry was much different. Ah, the good ol’ days! I’m with you on the “real wineries”, but feeling obligated to provide reviews for our readers and the fact that again there are few legitimate GO choices here locally…I bought a bottle of this wine.


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