Masseria dei Carmelitani 2010 Gavi DOCG

Gavi DOCG, Piedmont, Italy
(see also the Wiki entry on the Cortese grape)
from Terre da Vino Agricole
$4 at the Berkeley, CA, store on 1 Aug

Masseria_dei_Carmelitani_2010_GaviThis wine is perfect for these warm summer afternoons and evenings.  It immediately shows light, crisp, floral and yellow fruity flavors – apple, melon, ripe lemon – delicately balanced with a little supporting wood and a gentle minerality.  There is perhaps a small amount of oxidation, but at present this only adds a tasty bit of nuttiness, if you taste it at all.  This wine is probably not one to keep waiting long to drink, but it’s delicious enough that consuming it quickly shouldn’t be a problem.

5 thoughts on “Masseria dei Carmelitani 2010 Gavi DOCG

  1. Seedboy

    I liked this wine a lot. Imported by Santini, the source of the Barolo. I wonder if the Gavi is a TJ’s wine that did not sell?

    1. Darrell

      In “What’s New” I’ve mentioned Plume Ridge wines in San Leandro, but failed to mention, since it’s not wine, that the store had stacks of TJ ginger snap cookies. So it could be that TJ uses GO when necessary.

      1. GOWineLover

        They do because I have seen various TJ products over the years. No way their agreement with manufacturers would let them resell without TJs approval.

    2. philinoakland

      I’m not sure why it wouldn’t sell, unless they overpriced it. This is really nice wine, it’s characteristics captured by the review perfectly. Maybe people want/expect more acidity in an Italian wine? This one is great without it.

      I don’t know Gavi di Gavis well at all, although it’s what I drink by the glass at Olivetos in Rockridge when I’m I’m there (one glass there = two, maybe three bottles of this one from GO !!!!). Is low acidity a characteristic of this wine in general ?


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