Águia Moura 2008 Douro Reserva Tinto

34% Touriga Nacional, 33% Tinta Roriz (Tempranillo), 33% Tinta da Barca; 14% ABV
$10 at the Berkeley, CA, store on 23 July


On 29 July, 5-Star Bar posted the following in What’s New:

Tried the 2008 Aguia Moura em Vinhas Velhas Douro Reserva
Translation: 2008 Moorish Eagle Old Vines Douro Reserve (aged 12 months in Oak)

This wine is, quite simply, “da’ bomb”. Best Portuguese dry red I’ve tried (though admittedly haven’t tried all that many, <20 lifetime).

Reminiscent of a Portuguese version of a Rhone style GSM blend and packaged in a similarly shaped, very substantial high quality bottle with a broad punt (dimple) on the bottom. Shows its best on the first night, immediately upon opening, so I recommend drinking up with friends and family on Day 1. Peak drinkability now, though might still age well for a few years more. Still good on the second evening, though a bit more on the tart side which should please fans of European styled wines (think Cranberry, Leather) just fine. Big thumbs up and a fine QPR/value

While I agree with this description, I wasn’t as fond of it.  Although it was hearty and full-bodied and had tasty, earthy, flavors of red and purple plum, purple cherry, some mulberry and darker fig, I found it rather coarse and even a little abrasive.  It was fine, but to me it was quite poorly integrated, and I couldn’t really get into it.  Now for the disclaimers.  First, 5SB said it’s best right out of the bottle; I assumed it would need at least an hour of air in a decanter, and didn’t even try it until after that.  Second, it strikes me as the sort of wine (a little older, in a more individually crafted style) that could show a bit of bottle variation.  Although it’s probably long gone by now, does anyone have any experiences with this wine to share?


13 thoughts on “Águia Moura 2008 Douro Reserva Tinto

  1. Expat

    My first attempt at commenting disappeared (thanks HP laptop) so here I go again. I agree with 5-Star Bar – this wine is absolutely terrific. Disclosure – I like old world, dry wines. However, to me this is where old world meets new world. It starts with prominent fruit but finishes dry and earthy. I’m not going to try and add any fruit commentary but I do get some violet notes. I popped and poured and have been drinking over the course of a coupla hours and I haven’t experienced any integration problems that BargainWhine mentions. Honestly, this may be the best bottle of wine I’ve had from Gross Out this year and I’m now limiting myself to their better stuff (less quantity, more quality). Again, this is coming from someone who likes European, dry, earthy wines (but it has fruit!)

    1. Don Bevins

      Ditto Expat. Not having a great deal of experience with old world reds, especially those of Portuguese origin, I found this wine very tasty and complex. Most GO Euro reds have not sparked much interest but countries like Spain and Portugal may well be providing superior
      wines at great prices. Just what those of us who haunt the GOs in our area hope to find.

      1. BargainWhine Post author

        Wow, neat! Thanks Expat and Don! I may have to try another bottle, as it’s still around at stores near me.

        1. Expat

          I hope you do try it again and let us know how it turns out. Maybe what you said about bottle variation is true with this wine.

          1. BargainWhine Post author

            I opened another bottle tonight, and it is indeed far better than my first bottle. I liked it pretty well at first pour, but as usual for me I guess, I liked it a lot more after about 90 minutes of air. It has a smooth, supple texture with elegant flavors of medium cherry, red plum, cranberry, blueberry, and allspice / brown earth. Will change to Thumbs Up. However, at times I do notice a slight too-old flavor, so drink up!

    2. 5-Star Bar

      I’m glad to hear that you both liked this wine. I completely agree with you too Expat about the interplay between its European and New World qualities. My immediate impression upon first sip was that, as in so many regions in Modern Europe, the traditional virtues of the Old World had been further enhanced by adopting and embracing the style and methods of the New. ..

    3. JoelA

      I also liked this wine, though it’s not the best Portuguese dry red I’ve had recently – those came from the Alentejo region. This one’s so purple you’d think it was a barrel sample. Contra to BW I don’t taste anything old, but it is a bit harsh at the end, and has a little higher alcohol than I like (14%) (but it’s not out of balance). Chicken is too light here – have it with a flavorful meat dish.

      1. BargainWhine Post author

        Hi Joel. Thanks for your opinion. There does seem to be a bit of bottle variation. My second bottle was not harsh at all.

  2. lim13

    Greetings, Russ. That wine was reviewed by BargainWhine back in February. Here’s a link:
    Also, a suggestion…should you ever be interested to know if a wine has been reviewed on our blog, please try typing the name of the winery/wine in the search box at the top right of our home page before inquiring. Another option is to click on the drop down arrow next to “Select Category” on the right middle of our home page and then click on Syrah (though that could take a little longer to find what you’re looking for). And one last thing…your question might have been better addressed on our “Guest Contributions” tab. Thanks for checking in though. I believe that Columbia Syrah entered GO’s inventory in super large supply as I’ve seen it in stores up here in WA for many months now.

  3. Russ Winton

    Not to change the subject, but I will……has anyone reported on the 08 Columbia Winery Syrah? I’m seeing lots of it for $4.99 in Valley Stores (Merced/Modesto). Gallo bought that winery and Covey Run so expect to see more of those labels. Also a new store opening in Turlock soon.


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