2007 Pascual Toso Reserve Cabernet Sauvignon, Mendoza, Argentina $4.99

Lake City, WA    13.5% alc.    (Purchased on 8/9/14)
Las Barrancas Vineyard

PascualToro_CabBeautiful dark Bing cherry, ruby color.  Wonderfully aromatic nose of dark plum, cedar and mint.  In the mouth, it’s smooth and rich in texture with a certain chewiness from firm, but accsessible tannins.  It’s loaded with sweet, dark fruits, cassis and cherry flavors with more mint in the background.  It’s very well balanced in terms of fruit, tannin and acidity and the oak is perfectly integrated.  Long, flavorful finish.  It leans more toward what some might call the fruit bomb side of the spectrum, as it shows little in the way of minerality, austerity or the herbaceousness often found in southern hemisphere reds.  But I really like it!  One of the best Argentinian reds I’ve had.  A real steal at five bucks.


10 thoughts on “2007 Pascual Toso Reserve Cabernet Sauvignon, Mendoza, Argentina $4.99

  1. bin5

    I was in the store and talking with owners on this wine and did something I never do, bought a case without trying it because there wasn’t very much. It’s all what you say lim13 and glad I did because it is gone, gone, gone. For me, the 2007 Road Less Traveled and this wine are two bookends of style for a screaming deal.

    1. lim13 Post author

      Don’t drink it all, b5…I may have to work out a deal with you for two bottles! When does the price go up? : ~)

      1. lim13 Post author

        No worries, b5…I got a half dozen bottles at the Bremerton store, although Silverdale never got any. The wine steward at Bremerton told me she got six cases and blew right through them. Sold the last four bottles right after I bought my six. Word travels fast!

  2. flitcraft

    I was just about to add a comment in the What’s New section when I saw this review. I agree wholeheartedly, this is the kind of wine value that got me interested in GO in the first place. I would be happy paying three times the price for it, but for 5 dollars it’s a screaming deal. I don’t know how much life it has left, though. The second half of the bottle was noticeably duller and less complex than what we consumed two nights earlier. But if you are looking for a good, varietally-correct cab for an amazing price, this one fits the bill.

    1. lim13 Post author

      Good to hear from you, flitcraft. I had a half glass of my leftover Toso Cab tonight and, while I didn’t get the impression that it was “duller”…I DID notice that the oak has moved a bit more to the fore. I suppose to that extent the fruit is now “duller”. But I’d still love to have a few more bottles. Got one more right now, as I picked up two while at Lake City.

  3. jwc

    This sounds right up my alley Lim13, I’ve always enjoyed the malbec reserva from these folks, which is $17-$20 retail or so here in Portland. So at $5 a steal indeen, send some to Ptown! Hopefully we’ll see some of this, along with the Montes wines Bin5 scored. Coincidentally, I just picked up an ’09 Montes Limited Selecion pinot noir, for $6 from a higher end grocery store here, and like it. An Argentinian take on pn for sure, kind of a pn/syrah hybrid but tasty enough.


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