La Loggia 2005 Barolo DOCG

Barolo DOCG, Piedmont, (NW) Italy; 14% ABV
$8 at the Berkeley, CA, store on 1 Aug

LaLoggia_2005_BaroloAs I was tasting this wine, I had two questions about it.  First, does it taste like Barolo, and second, is it good wine?  While I’ll affirm the first question, I’m more ambivalent on the second.

To me, the best thing about this wine is its nose, which is absolutely Barolo: dried or otherwise-oxidized preserved ripe red cherries, dried orange peel, earthy brown leather, tart red cherries, and especially with more air (as Seedboy recommended, it needs 2 hours in a decanter and keeps developing nicely after that), purple cherries / medium purple plum.  However, on the palate, I found those flavors in this medium-bodied wine marred by stemmy bitterness and excess acid.  There were moments here and there, where it all seemed to clear up and become a lovely wine, so maybe it will still improve with age, but mostly I found it rather problematic.   So… if you especially like Barolo or if you’re curious about what Barolo is, this could be an interesting wine at a relatively low price.  (I think it could be pretty good with a roasted chicken.)  However, I would guess most folks will not be especially attracted to it.  For a roughly similar wine at the same price, I think I’d prefer the Azul Portugal 2008 Bairrada, although respected commenter JoelA didn’t like that very much, either.


7 thoughts on “La Loggia 2005 Barolo DOCG

  1. Expat

    BargainWhine,this review is spot on. I couldn’t have described it more accurately. Interesting moments but this wine just doesn’t come together. For $2 more one could buy the Aguia Moura, which is spectacular.

    1. BargainWhine Post author

      Thanks, Expat. That big stack at the Berkeley store does seem to have been selling well, however, so I guess at least some people like it.

      1. Expat

        I suspect the Barolo name is clouding people’s judgment. The word “Kona” has the same effect in coffee when they put a token amount in a blend. But I’m not being critical because I bought this wine after reading your review because I wanted to taste a Barolo.

      2. Delmartian1

        wow…the Barolo in Oceanside was gone in less than a week and have not seen it since in Oceanside, San Marcos, or Escondido

  2. Seedboy

    This is food wine, particularly appropriate for something rich. That acidity cuts through fattiness in meat, for instance. I’m pretty sure I’ll buy three or four of these to put away. That said, the 2010 Barbaresco that has been around a while is a better wine, made from the same grape.

    1. BargainWhine Post author

      Hi Seedboy. I drank it with garlicky pork sausages and thought that the wine’s more subtle flavors were actually shut down by the fat, hence the recommendation of roast chicken. What would you recommend?

      Thanks for reminding me about that Barbaresco, which I still haven’t tried.

      Although it’s definitely not made from Nebbiolo, did you ever try the 2009 Sagrantino?


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