NV Castell Roc Cava (Sparkling Wine), Moja, Spain $6.99

Lake City, WA    11.5% alc.    (Purchased on 8/9/14)

Castell_Roc_sparklerBrilliant very pale straw.  Lots of very foamy mousse at pour and shortly thereafter, but the bead of streaming bubbles seems to quickly dissapate.  The yeasty aromas are quite pronounced in the nose, showing very little fruit.  In the mouth, the flavors show more yeasty/leesy flavors with light lemony/citrusy nuances.  And unlike many brut bubblies, this one is indeed quite dry…making it a better match with food (rather than as a sipper by itself).  A touch of bitterness in the fairly long finish doesn’t detract at all.  While fairly tasty, I would not classify it a great bargain…as it’s pretty easy to find decent inexpensive cava in most wine shops, groceries etc. for under $10.00.

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