Shingleback 2010 “Davey Estate” Shiraz

McLaren Vale, Australia; 14.5% ABV
$9 at the Richmond, CA, store on 15 Aug

Shingleback_2010_ShirazThis wine first came to my attention when EricFromRichmond mentioned that he had found it “quite tasty and nicely balanced.”  I picked up one myself when I got there.  Myself, I’m generally positive but with a caveat.

At the start, it was on the tart and red side.  I thought it needed about 90 minutes in a decanter to air as much as it was going to on the first night.  Then the ripe and subtly textured fruit darkened some and became nicely complex and elegant, showing flavors of redder boysenberry, some redder blackberry, red-purple cherry, maybe red cranberry, and a little eucalyptus / mint.  However, to my taste, the acid was rather too strong.  I thought it might become less acid, or become balanced with darker fruit, as it aired, but that didn’t happen on the first night.  Nonetheless, it strikes me as still a bit young, and I expect it will develop well as it ages over the next few years.

Indeed, the next day, the saved single-glass bottle was delicious.  The fruit had become darker and more forward, showing darker blackberry, sweet black pepper and tar, darker purple boysenberry, with some dark blueberry and cranberry.  The acid still had a tart edge, but I would agree it balanced out.  It should likely be put in a covered decanter for several hours before drinking.


4 thoughts on “Shingleback 2010 “Davey Estate” Shiraz

  1. lim13

    Actually, you can get shots at your local drug store for Shingleback, but they’re pretty darn expensive! (Sorry! Couldn’t NOT join in on the fun.)

    1. jwc

      Actually, Shingleback’s are quite tasty, dipped in an egg wash, panko and deep fried. This shiraz could match up with the Leaping Lizard wines also at GO now, the offspring potentially could be Leaping Lizardbacks has Shingles?


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