NV Domaine Laurier Brut Spakling Wine, CA $6.99

Silverdale, WA    11% alc.    (Purchased on 8/14/14)

IMG_1652Another wine from Bronco Wine Company (Franzia) in Ceres, CA…like the Hacienda sparkler that I favorably reviewed a while ago.  Web site suggests it’s 100% Chardonnay, but you could have fooled me.  It appears that this wine sells at regular retail for between $10 and $13, so I would not consider this to be a flaming bargain.

Brilliant pale straw color.  Plenty of tiny bubbles and foamy mousse on initial pour and for about 30 minutes it shows a steady, though slower stream.  More fruity than yeasty in the nose with green apple and subdued citrus.  In the mouth it’s just off-dry and again more fruity than yeasty with pleasant appley, lemony, peachy flavors.  As with many inexpensive domestic bubblies, this one is far less austere than Champagne…more fruit driven and ultimately quaffable.  Has o.k. mouthfeel and a Meyer lemony finish.  If you happen to have a wedding or other big celebration in your future, this might work for a toast or general gulper.  But I might spring for the Hacienda for a buck less…and that one just returned to our local GO’s.  Here’s another review  of both wines from two years ago that I found.  But with no vintage, who knows what wines we’re reviewing?


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