2011 Las Hermanas Red Table Wine, Jumilla, Spain $4.99

Silverdale, WA    14% alc.    (Purchased on 8/29/14)

IMG_167470% Monastrell (aka. Mourvedre/Mataro) 30% Syrah    My wife continually referred to this red as “The Annette Funicello wine” due to the picture on the label.  Beach Blanket Bingo anyone?  Slightly less than clear deep garnet with a pinkish rim; nose shows black raspberry, black pepper, gun metal and tart pie cherry. In the mouth it has flavors similar to the nose as well as plenty of sweet fruit and fairly big chewy tannins with a certain minerality and more black pepper in the finish; acidity is just about right. This is a well-balanced and fairly hefty ripe red, due mostly, I expect, to the Monastrell…a typically gutsy variety. This is another one I think you may like, Seedboy.  If my memory serves me right, I believe you’re a fan of Mourvedre.


9 thoughts on “2011 Las Hermanas Red Table Wine, Jumilla, Spain $4.99

  1. RB

    I enjoyed this wine quite a bit also. Went very well with chanterelle pizza! I went back to pick up a few more bottles and noticed that the face (and hair) on the label was different on some of the bottles. Based on the lineup along the side of the label I’m guessing there may be six or seven different ‘hermanas’ depicted across the bottling. Everything else on the label was the same.

    1. lim13 Post author

      Was that a red sauce on the chanterelle pizza, RB? I never looked at any other bottles, but I’ll have to do that next time I’m in the store. We did notice the face lineup on the side of the label though. Glad to hear you enjoyed the wine.

      1. BargainWhine

        Sorry to interrupt, but as a mushroom hunter, I should hope that was not a red sauce with chanterelles. Their flavor is much too delicate. 🙂

        1. lim13 Post author

          I’m not a mushroom hunter…just a mushroom eater and that’s exactly why I was asking, BW. Chanterelles and red sauce sounds terrible to me…but then I’m not a huge fan of red sauce anyway. Having chanterelles with beans from our garden tonight…dressed only with butter, salt and pepper. Bought the mushrooms at our local farmers market for $6.99 a pound…which is dirt cheap! “Fancy” grocery up the road is selling them for nearly $20 a pound.

        2. RB

          Well, I hate to offend anyone’s palate, but there was a red sauce on the pizza. Just a touch, though, and it was loaded with chanterelles so they came through very nicely. The first rain of the season yielded enough that we’ve been enjoying them every night this week in a variety of ways.

          1. BargainWhine

            Sounds good, RB. Also, given what I have tasted from stores, those up north seem to be more flavorful than our Californian chanterelles.

            Lim13, I agree $7/lb is a great price. There must indeed have been a large bloom from the recent rains.

            1. Darrell

              Being a CA shroomer since the mid 70’s, I was sorely amazed finding chanterelles in August along the Oregon coast while pursuing red wine fare. Here in central CA we are accustomed to chanterelles coming up in late Oct. or later. BW, I actually prefer the live oak associated chanterelles you would find in the Berkeley hills over the cone bearing evergreen associated chanterelles we find here and in the PNW. Seem to be a bit more aromatic, uncooked anyway, and much bigger in stature.

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