Takutai 2009 Pinot Noir

Nelson, New Zealand; 13.5% ABV; screw cap
$5 at the Oakland, CA, store on 3 Sept

Takutai_2009_PinotNoirAfter trying so many truly awful $5 GO Pinots, I finally found one I really like!

It’s not bad at first, but it really rewards the patience to give it 60 – 90 minutes of air in a decanter.  Then, it shows tasty flavors of lighter to dark red cherries with an edge into plum, nice Pinot funk, and perfectly aged complexity (i.e., don’t wait to drink it) of cola / lighter brown earth.  Although the fruit is ripe, the wine is not heavy like many CA and OR Pinots; it’s on the more delicate side of Pinot Noir.  The fruit / acid balance is maybe slightly toward the acid, so have it with food if it’s enough to bother you.

Immediately on opening, I poured half into a 375ml bottle and stoppered it with very little air.  The next day, the saved wine still needed a little time in the glass to become the $5 version of sublime.  It’s fuller bodied than on the first day, and a little less fresh-tasting, but still delicious.  It’s not the Monk’s Gate, but it’s one third the price.  Even though I usually don’t get second bottles of wines, so that I can get new wines to review, I will have to get more of this one.


5 thoughts on “Takutai 2009 Pinot Noir

  1. EHL

    Just popped the cap on a bottle of the Takutai PN a few nights ago. It started out unpleasantly rough, as reported by BW, but dramatically improved with a little time to breathe.

    A very nice medium-bodied Red, retaining a light aromatic remnant of the Pinot funk, while delivering delightful well-balanced dark fruit over two days of drinking.

    Quite a value for $5.

  2. Robert Seeds

    There are also Waimea chardonnay and riesling. I found the riesling sweet and simple, and did not much care for the chard either. I did like this pinot noir and agree with the notes.

    1. Darrell

      I might have bought a Waimea SB 3-4 years ago along with other NZ SB and they don’t seem to age appreciably with these screw caps and so concerning ” ( i.e., don’t wait to drink it), ” I would worry much less than a cork enclosure. If you like a NZ PN now, you probably will like it a couple of years or more hence.

  3. Don Bevins

    There is a Sauvignon Blanc and a Pinot Gris under the same label at the Rocklin store but not this PN. They are both also $4.99 and from the 2009 vintage. The wines are produced by Waimea Estates. Rocklin has the 2009 PN from the Estate line for $6.99 and was as good a GO pinot as I have found in some time.


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