Indian Peak Vineyards “Donna’s Dessert Wine”

California; 19.75% ABV (so says the label)
$6 at the Richmond, CA, store on 12 Sept

IndianPeak_DonnasDessertWineI picked this up thinking, “Oh, maybe this could be something interesting.”  Then I saw the alcohol percentage and the slightly risque back label and thought, “Okay, good or not, this is a true Gross Out find!”

When I looked at the Indian Peaks web site, the winery struck me as a pretty serious and credible effort.  And I think this wine is pretty good!

Although it’s apparently made from Syrah, there’s not all that much in the flavors that would tip me that it’s not, for example, Cabernet instead.  Nonetheless, the sugar and flavors of medium red cherry, raspberry, and earth / aged complexity are evenly balanced with raspberry / cranberry acid.  I’m not familiar with ruby port, but from the name, I could easily imagine its being something like this.  For this price, if you like fortified dessert wine (it doesn’t say so, but I can’t imagine this alcohol level was reached otherwise), I think this is a pretty tasty deal.

Darrell also liked this wine.


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