2009 Buried Cane Riesling

Columbia Valley, WA; 12.7% ABV
$4 at the Richmond, CA, store on 12 Sept

BuriedCane_2009_RieslingThis has been at the Richmond store for a while, but I hadn’t gotten any, wary of a 2009 white.  However, I haven’t seen any new and interesting whites for a while, and I recalled Lim13 liking Buried Cane wines.  In fact, two years ago, he liked a 2007 BC Riesling.  This one is a reasonable buy for the money, but clearly shows its age.

The off-dry wine shows typical Riesling flavors of yellow apple and some green, and a little lemon.  The fruit is riper than most German versions (less acid but not flabby), only barely minerally if at all, but it’s still pretty good and a decent version of this grape for the US.

The next day, the wine tasted distinctly less fresh, but still drinkable.  Two days later, the wine was a good addition to a white bean and pork sausage soup, but not all that palatable.  Overall, Drinkable I suppose, especially if you drink it all on the first night.


3 thoughts on “2009 Buried Cane Riesling

  1. 5-Star Bar

    This Washington Riesling intrigued me so I picked up a bottle a couple of weeks ago on one of my sojourns to the San Francisco store. I enjoyed it and found it to be eminently drinkable. Nice fruit upon entry but not too sweet on the finish. Well proportioned and balanced with a pleasantt acidity. Should pair exceptionally well with many Asian flavors and other spicy cuisines such as Chinese, Vietnamese, and Thai. I felt I got more than my money’s worth. Thumbs Up for a high Quality to Price Ratio.

    1. BargainWhine Post author

      Hi 5-Star Bar. I guess that’s pretty much what I thought of it on the first day. Maybe I let myself be too biased by what it became on subsequent days?

  2. lim13

    Weird! In my review of the ’07 I mentioned that I thought that GO might have procured it at a very low price because of a label change…and this ’09 has a different label. And like your review here of the ’09, BW the ’07 was five years old when I reviewed it. Besides the vintage difference, they sound like completely different wines. Old Rieslings just never scare me off, as they tend to hold up better than most whites in my experience. But this one sure doesn’t sound too appealing. I’ll be anxious to try a bottle if it ever shows up here. Any of our WA readers seen it around? Tried it?


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